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This is probably the most informative, impossible, and horrifying graphic story I have ever read (it should be labeled under Horror; not Present Events! ). I detest politics and politicians. I hate political correctness. I love truth (even intense honesty), integrity, and the inherited goodness of mankind from God. Nonetheless, you can imagine how ashamed and disappointed I was throughout reading this visual novel (about the issue; not the brilliant producers of the product). While reading, I kept googling all the names of the Clintons’ cronies, companies, dictators, etc. Mind you, I will be not so naive to believe everything on the Internet, but it is quite amazing to read headlines about these corrupt and evil people (from Sant Chatwal, to Dikembe Mutombo, to Outspoken Giustra to name a few…. names I've never heard of). It was almost like that queasy feeling you get when you're watching a secret agent movie (e. g. Bourne) and think to yourself, “Wow, this would be terrifying if it were true. ” I had that queasy feeling throughout my reading experience. I feel like I need to provide and then lay down. I am so disheartened and saddened that people in energy (particularly in politics) in whose job is to serve the public will compromise their beliefs, values, basically their soul, for further energy and more money. I cannot fathom how they can also get away with this sea of problem. The writers and musicians did a phenomenal responsibility of bringing to color the vastness of the wicked and corrupt global Clinton Machine. Highly recommended for those who can stomach the reality, regardless of your own political beliefs. Excuse me personally when i go throw up again., This graphic story is beautifully done. That has biting satire, caustic sarcasm and alarming paradox. It's difficult to decide which is more stunning--the excellent illustrations or shocking revelations. No work of fiction could compare to these miscarriages of justice that reach the best pinnacles of power in each shady corner of our planet. I feel enlightened but rather impossible that corruption could be this widespread and entirely immune to justice., I acquired this GN after reading an article on leftist hack Rich Johnston's website.

Turns out this is a great GN and a wonderful adaptation. Chuck Dixon and company did an amazing job... well worth the money.

Rich, if you're reading, feel free to scrutinize my review history as well., I haven't acquired a comic book in over 30 years. I acquired this completely on a lark, and I'm glad I did! It is a good summary of the criminal activity of the Clintons, and it is hysterical in parts of the publication. I highly recommend it!, Any detailed regaling of the corruption of the Clintons is by design confusing and disjointed - the tangled web they already have built is on purpose. Both the movie Clinton Cash, and now the graphic novel, help bring clarity to the story, making the topic approachable by the masses., Very possibly one of the most inventive political produces I've seen, the visual novel version of Clinton Cash puts the items together and paints an extraordinarily complete picture of the Clinton Foundation Graft and Money Laundering Company.
Get your vomit buckets ready; the movie barely scratches the surface., This graphic story is actually just that, a graphic novel. In that it puts on show just how much circumstantial evidence is surrounding the crimes of the Clinton's. The fact that there is so much materials that it can be so fluid and comedy in this form is astounding. Again, a must pick up for anyone with the interest I mentioned above., Awesome read! A super condensed version and very easy to understand. The Amercian people need to read this and understand the reality.

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