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Clinton Richard Dawkins (born 1941) is an English ethologist and evolutionary biologist, as well as an nestor fellow of New College, Oxford. He has written some of the most creative and challenging defenses of evolutionary theory [e. g.,   The particular Blind Watchmaker , The Selfish Gene ] of anyone other than the past due Stephen Jay Gould. He more recently wrote  The God Delusion .

He wrote in the initial chapter of this mil novecentos e noventa e seis book, "I feel that the distinction between accident and design is clear... but this chapter will expose a 3rd category of objects... I shall call them 'designoid'... Designoid items LOOK designed, so much so that some people---probably, alas, most people---think that they USUALLY ARE designed. These people are wrong. " (Pg. 6) He adds, "we firmly... classify the wasp and bee pots as designoid not designed: not formed by the animal's own creative volition. " (Pg. 16-17)

He argues that "What Hoyle and Wickramisinghe miss [in  Evolution from Space ] is the fact Darwinism is NOT a principle of random chance. This is a theory of random changement plus NON-RANDOM cumulative natural selection. Why, I wonder, is it so hard for even sophisticated researchers to grasp this simple point? " (Pg. 75) He adds, "Either your god is capable of designing worlds and doing all the other godlike things, whereby he NEEDS an explanation in his own right. Or he is not, in which case this individual cannot PROVIDE an justification. God should be seen by Fred Hoyle as the ultimate Boeing 747. " (Pg. 77)

He says, "The ease with which small animals can float suggests that we have only to assume that traveling evolved actually in small animals, and the traveling peak of Mount Unlikely immediately looks less formidable. Very small insects float without wings at all. " (Pg. 113) He speculates, "it may turn out to be a general rule that a version of the gene taken from a subscriber in one part of the animal kingdom can induce eyes to develop in recipients in a really remote part of the creature kingdom... Were we incorrect to feel that eyes have developed forty times individually? I don't think so. In least the spirit of the statement that sight evolve easily and at the drop of a head wear remains unscathed. " (Pg. 194) Even more speculatively, he proposes, "My tentative conjecture is that an ancestral Scyllarid mutated homoerotically, slipping the developmental sub-routine appropriate to a uropod into a segment where an antenna ought to be, and that the change conferred some profit. If I am right, it would constitute a rare example of a macro-mutation's being favoured by natural selection... " (Pg. 253)

He suggests, "as significantly as you may know, [life] might have happened on only one planet out of a billion billion planets in the universe... Therefore the sort of fortunate event we are looking at COULD be so wildly improbable that the likelihood of its happening... could be as low as one in a billion billion dollars billion in any one year. If it DID happen on only one planet, anywhere in the universe, that planet must be our planet---because here we are discussing about it. My guess is the fact life probably isn't everything that rare and the origin of life probably wasn't everything that improbable. inch (Pg. 283) He concludes on the note, "Even the most challenging problems can be solved, and even the most precipitous height can be scaled, if only a slow, progressive, step-by-step pathway can be found. Mount Improbable cannot be assaulted. Gradually, if not always slowly, it should be climbed. " (Pg. 326)

Dawkins' book (as well as his earlier 'Blind Watchmaker') are absolutely "MUST READING" for anyone interested in modern day evolutionary theory., Fantastic book, a little bummed because it arrived with damaged corners. I'm a little bit snobby with book condition and is actually sad to get such a good book in less ideal condition, A person should read this book if you are interested in learning how complex biological structures could have developed through evolution.

Writing a review of this book is fraught with danger given the strong feelings that surround the concept of evolution. From reading other reviews, it appears that, not surprisingly, reviewers are somewhat polarized in favor of Dawkins (and evolution) or against Dawkins (and likely against or suspicious of evolution). I was impressed by the veneraciĆ³n of some reviews, therefore i think Dawkins was successful in getting his factors across. A problem with reading an e book like this is that it really is impossible to read it without its acted argument for evolution, and, while this is evident, such an overriding discussion detracts somewhat from the purpose of the book: to demonstrate that an unguided mechanism (evolution) can produce over many years increasingly complex biological buildings.

I argue that an emotional reply should be put aside in evaluating the value of the ideas in the book. Dawkins is very just saying that will not take design or any other sort of divine intervention for the evolutionary process to come up with a wing or an vision. He argues that such biological structures can be, and were, developed over a very long time because of this of evolutionary processes, and offers several examples to support his arguments. These examples are extremely interesting and introduced in a more or less topical fashion. Dawkins cannot necessarily go into more considerable detail since that would demand a much longer book - his light treatment of the science may be prompting some of the critique that the book will not have the depth of more serious research writing.

I believe this book is important since it builds a foundation for arguing the science at the rear of evolution. Dawkins cannot necessarily write this book (and his other books) without an implicit opposition to myth-based theories of development, since to aid evolution at all necessarily argues against many of the concepts running through religion. Thus, this book is going to annoy a lot of people. Dawkins ideas are valid nonetheless, and his arguments are sound enough to push back against the various ID and other myth-based creationist ideas. He might strengthen his arguments if he did not take jabs at creationists and just stuck to the science, but this individual has his opinions and am find them amusing.

We recommend this book because it is written by an intelligent evolutionary biologist who presents some fascinating the field of biology in the course of demonstrating that evolution, in fact, works to develop complicated structures., The book seemed to be a out dated reply to creationism.
Loaded with detailed information about eyes, sea shells and trees. All good info that will not change the heads of the faithful.

Excellent insight into the vast difficulty of evolving life., We give Mount Improbable 4 stars. The sentences were straightforwardly and honestly written. That's enough to reward any writer. The sentence structure in the sentences was a pleasure to follow.

The subject matter had not been easy. But many tiny metaphors -- alongside the big Mt. Improbable one -- with repeated explanations, and lots of sketches were very helpful.
When Dawkins fallen the top Mt. Improbable metaphor and started using another main one -- the natural history museum with endless corridors of covers, with other endless meanderings sometimes jutting out from the key corridors' sides -- the reading got really tough. Tough yes, but Dawkins' stories were always fascinating and made thrilling.
The evolution of the eye was a wonderful and believable story, but I'm scared the last one about the fig was too hopelessly complicated for me to follow.
I was surprised that Dawkins ended his book with the big Mt. Improbable metaphor. He had stopped using it halfway through the book.

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