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The storyline of the man who risked everything to save lost climbers

May 12, 1996, was the day 8-10 climbers died on Install Everest. Four climbers from Rob Hall’s Adventure Professionals Expedition, including Rob; Jeff Fisher, leader of the Mountain Madness Expedition; and three climbers from an Indo-Tibetan Border Police Journey that were scaling Everest from the opposite aspect died of falls or exposure. A member of the Taiwanese Expedition experienced died the day before from a fall. Against all odds and left to for dead, Beck Weathers stumbled into camp under his own steam.

Since Anatoli states, he is writing this book as a rebuttal to a perceived disparaging account of his actions in Jon Krakauer's book Into Thin Air. Anatoli explains his decision to climb without supplementary oxygen, the thinking behind his decision to leave Yasuko Namba for dead and why since Beck did survive Anatoli had not brought your pet into camp.

While some have hailed Anatoli as a near superhuman hero and others as a man devoted only to his own clients, I do stay away from that sort of experience from his words. Anatoli felt that anyone would have done what he did if he or she were able. He mourned over Yasuko, gathered her personal object for her family, and even buried her where she fell. He has said he did not know where Beck was, as Beck had become separated from others.

Their words have the ring of truth. Only those on the mountain that day could pass common sense on any decision made by anyone else who proceeded to go through the same terrible day. Each saw things from their perspective. Anatoli might not have thought himself a hero, but those that he aided can and have said in different ways!

I give the book four stars…

Quoth the Raven…, Truly great read. Mcdougal interviewed Mr. Boukreev extensively and even experienced long sections of Anatolys own words. I enjoyed the style, he never put words in his mouth. He evidently acknowledged Anatoly when he " spoke". The book offers a great view of the 1996 Everest misfortune from anther viewpoint (Not John Krakaur's) and evidently gives Anatoly an opportunity to point out what he felt had happened.
I read it while wind bound at 5500 Meters while climbing Aconcagua. My partner read it also along with one of the Italians. Every person really enjoyed it. From the treasured possession.., I really liked this book. That is not necessary a tale that will give you answers but it will not place blame either. It sticks to the facts and the logic and thought process of the guide. I only offered 4 stars because the very last portion of the book was a little monotonous with the guides thought process and infighting with another writer. It also includes the transcript of the climbers after the tragedy. That only serves to be annoying because of a number of the reactions. At times it appeared very petty and child., I thought it was obviously a very interesting read after reading into thin air. Boukreev actually backed upwards his side with advices from other climbers that were there whereas Krakauer wrote a good story and went back to his tent to sleep Don't get me wrong, i did so enjoy 'into thin air', but his commentary originated from his position in the rise. Regardless of which aspect you want to take on the whole debacle, 'the climb' is a good read and adds a lot to the story of what happened on Everest in 1996, One more book on the Everest Disaster of 1996 - even includes some of the same participants of " Into Thin Air" The courage of men like Boukreev is amazing - also how little errors produce a huge different in outcome. (no communication devices for Boukreev on the summit day) When I open a good books cover, I will be RIGHT NOW THERE - it is hard to assume how difficult it must be with subzero temperatures, strong winds, and lack of knowledge of where your peers are on the mountain. The really good book., This is simply not as well-written as Krakauer's book, but I think anyone whose read Into Nothing should read this as well.
I feel that Krakauer portrays Russian guide Boukreev very shabbily. People really thinking about the Everest events of 96 owe it to themselves to get both perspectives. Personally, I'm in the Boukreev camp and feel that Krakauer projects his own failings on your pet., After seeing the movie and reading Krakauer and Weathers books, I read this one and kinda wished I might have read this one first. That tells Anatoli's version of events and rebuts Krakauer's article and book. He saved a bunch of lives and that can get overshadowed by the other stories., This book is a must read for anyone who read " Into Thin Air" and presumed that version was the defined account of so what happened in the tragic events that took place on Everest. It is a informative, non-emotional account of the events of that disaster by someone who actually saved lives.

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