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Michael Bloomberg and Carl Père have authored a much needed text for sustaining hope in the dreadful age of Trump. They refer to how states and localities are picking up the cause of climate change, despite Trump's backward looking and polluting preference for fossil fuels. There's many reasons to be upbeat. The only criticism I would have would be Pope's dismissal of veganism as a valid and powerful personal choice that individuals can make. Personal options matter., The problem the majority of us have regarding weather conditions is we avoid listen to anyone who knows the actual facts. Me too. I feel only 80% complete with this read and i also feel totally impressed with the presentation of actual facts and measurements in this book. I won't try to describe the publication other than to recommend you read it. I do watch local and federal politics and the information strikes an honest and true evaluation of the real facts. Read it.

Ed McCafferty, As a strong supporter of the need to address weather change, this book was so encouraging. It is filled with great ideas that are being implemented around the world that are proving to reach your goals preservation methods and positive changes for citizens and economies! It points out the normal sense of these ideas and just how there are positive things happening regardless of politics., “Climate of Hope” by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope succeeds remarkably in reframing the weather change issue as shared opportunity, prosperity and development. Bloomberg and Pope are two of today’s leading voices in business, city and county government and environmental activism. This important book is for certain to inspire us to get started the commonsense activity of building a more sustainable, just and climate-friendly future.

Bloomberg and Père each contribute a chapter in the seven sections of the book for a total of seventeen chapters. The powerful Summary is collaboratively written by the 2 authors. The publication is beautifully illustrated with two full-color plate sections: the first displays photos of Bloomberg and Pope at work for the environment; the second is a collection of informative chart and graphs. It’s simply a first-class project, in its well-written text and graphical presentation, from beginning end.

Unlike many other books in the ecological genre, Bloomberg and Père don’t give attention to doom and gloom. Instead, the writers discuss the way the future goes to environmental sustainability, sketching on their own impressive experience implementing real-world solutions to the challenges of weather change. From clean energy to urban living, transportation, resource management, agriculture and related issues, the writers describe how a much better life is thoroughly compatible with eco-friendly living.

More than this: a green future is important to recovering our fraying democracy and revitalizing the economy. Big Essential oil remains a formidable hurdle; nevertheless , Bloomberg and Père demonstrate that the future is being remade, with or without fossil energy. The new very hopeful, useful and empowering message that inspires us to sign up for what must be a winnable struggle.

I highly recommend this excellent publication to everyone., Gave this as a gift. The particular person is enjoying it., Given the ascendency of the climate deniers in the Trump administration, it is easy to loose hope. " Climate of Hope" restores hope and points to the new reality: measures to address weather change will come from the bottom up. Towns and their mayors will be champion the cause and take practical steps to address the situation. Gran Bloomberg should be leader!!, I really enjoyed this book since I did not have a background in climate change. It may be too simplistic for those who have been following this issue for a in long run., Great book, great ideas, great feelings in the current political environment. Really positive, real, and unitive. Nice work Mr. Père and Mr. Bloomberg!

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