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I have already been a climate scientist for more than 30 years, always staying away from voicing my opinion about policy issues. This book among other recent events has caused me to speak out there more. The case for coal being the prominent cause of AGW is made convincingly in this book. Most other fixes are inconsequential. The various option approaches to dealing with the condition are explained obviously. Taxation of carbon via cap and trade or a direct tax is covered nicely. Another key principle often misunderstood by the public is discounting, again explained and created well. This is a great book, clearly written and accessible to any or all who want to know more about the subject. I am hoping it is read by millions of caring citizens.
Gerald R. North, This a fairly easy to read introduction to climate change. Norhaus reviews the technological aspects and the policy history well. He makes a good case for some kind of carbon costs to minimize greenhouse gas exhausts. The book suffers from the tendency, perhaps common among economists, to discount the role of strength in society. He comes to it near to the conclusion of the book, but it is unsatisfying. Likewise, he dismisses any role for government aside from the institution of a carbon tax. I agree this is an effective mechanism for fighting climate change, but other regulations and bonuses are given short shrift in the discussion. Certainly, he can be so dismissive that his analysis suffers. Still, I use Climate Casino in a college classroom to discuss climate change and it is valuable as long as other readings or discussion can fill in the spaces and provide a more complete context., Bill Nordhaus really does a great job of approaching climate change from a risk management, business oriented approach, incorporating new information from scientists about the risks of climate change. And he summarizes by considering practical politics limitations to getting something done. With the latest data on the impacts of projected CO2 and Temperature within likely ranges we will see, he shows impacts over the range, costs to avoid the worst tipping details, etc. His discussion of tipping points is particularly helpful as the risk of triggering catastrophic impacts hinges around tipping points, understanding them, assessing our chances of tripping them, and evaluating the expenses of options we have in the near term for enhancing our strategies to stay away from passing any of these catastrophic thresholds. I'm expecting my generation (the baby boomers) defintely won't be held responsible for catastrophic climate change, and while things are not looking too good right now, this PhD economist provides some valuable tools to the practical in our midst who want to offer with this as suitably as possible. I am hoping more of us read his book and give this huge challenge some serious consideration., The first chapter says we must educate the public. Everybody with a problem or wants to improve the world starts off with this idea. Typically the problems we face are probably extremely serious and I will count on scientists, entrepreneurs, dictators, and eventually elected officials to work on solving them.
After the slow start the book becomes interesting as the author looks at climate changes from economics. What damages have we already done, what are future damages likely to be, and what will the costs be to move from future damages.
I like economics because it is simple. The news media will get way too excited but economics puts problems like hurricane damages Into GDP point of view.
As the title suggests we are putting bets on our future. Some warming in certain areas will be good for crops and good for snakes wanting to move north but there are many tipping points referred to by the author that will be difficult to deal with. Anybody want to pay for a dike around Florida or NY Town?, Sober analysis considering data as economist and scientist is what is guaranteed and delivered. The analogy of any casino is likely when he explains that there is still uncertainty in many elements of the the science and economics. What becomes very clear in this logical strategy is that we're " throwing the dice" if we do nothing or not. In case we want the odds to become more in our favor, we better be looking very seriously at taxing carbon--like now.

I've read half a dozen books on climate change, this one is the one I actually chose for my publication group, since it is clear, not idealogical and practical.

One part I actually liked: He explains how there have been many dis-information campaigns in the past, such as with the tobacco industry denying that smoking caused malignancy. He shows the challenge we face now is much more immense, since the window for stopping a lot more costly adaptations is shutting rapidly.

This book provides me the knowledge and language of talking out to my legislators and neighbours without sounding such as an ideologue., I am in awe of Nordhaus's ability to explain the complex interaction between science, economics, policy and politics in achieving choices on climate change action. Until now, the essential link between economics and policy has not received sufficient attention by those trying to communicate climate change to the broader public. This is an excellent book for those wanting to understand why this is such a difficult issue for politicians to confront and understand what choices are essential to be made to tackle this issue., This book dives into the key aspects of climate change. Nordhaus has devoted large part of his professional life to study of climate. Typically the book is not written from perspective of a climate zealot, but instead from a cold look at the facts. I actually liked particularly his explanation of what a medical consensus means, and why there is one about climate: that climate is warming and warming caused by us.

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