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Cherished this book. Very good information on the outstanding Mrs Winston Churchill. Will not whitewash her charecter flaws.
She was very critical of her mother in law, Jenny Churchill on her nglect of her children. But she herself was a distant and aloof mother of all of the girl older kids, who all had major problems with alcohol consumption, drugs, depression, mental illness and suicide. She did get it right with her last child, Mary.
Clementine was a devoted and diligent advocate for her husband, Winston. It is hard to imagine that he could have get over the obstacles he placed in his own way, without her help. Winston was notoriously oblivious and obtuse about the feelings of others. This will have been a career fantastic if he had not a new wife who was able to influence and get him to become more self aware.
Strangely enough the girl friendship with Eleanor Roosevelt, was reflective of two ladies who had a great deal in common. Both women came from arisocratic family members. Both had were bothered with severe insecurity that tthey overcame to become major personalities in their own right. Both women were also the " Conscience" of their husbands. The difference between them is the fact that Clementine's relationship with Winston was a love match. Eleano'rs relationship with FDR's was notably a platonic friendship after his affair with Lucy Mercer. Winston remained devoted to Clementine and quite dependent on the girl for the rest of his life.
Winston would have driven the majority of females crazy, he or she was a very difficult man, and it was possibly the best decision he or she available to marry Clementine., I would give this publication a 4PLUS. I found it very interesting and educational. I knew nothing about Clementine Churchill and this book covers her entire life. Ms Purnell has done a outstanding job scouring journals of a lot of men and women who knew and commented on Mrs Churchill.
Mrs Churchill was married to a very brilliant and equally difficult man; yet she made certain he rose to the very top of his game when Great Britton needed him the most. But it is clear he been successful due in great part because of his spouse. I was fascinated with all the pettiness, pretentiousness, and very elitist lifestyle they expected to live whether they'd earned it or not. I was also astonished to learn of the sometimes close relationship between the Churchills and Roosevelts as well because the many accomplishments of Mrs Roosevelt. I was ready for the book to ending because of Mrs Churchill's whining but am fascinated at all she accomplished despite her multiple layered health problems., First-rate! I devoured this. It was all one would like from a biography. The writing was clear and lucid. It didn't get in the way of itself. Ms. Purnell approached the girl subject with sympathy, but honesty. Nothing was whitewashed. Lady Churchill came still living as a real person, flaws, virtues, and marvelous humanity. Fascinating., Really enjoyed this book as it was a great history of Great britain as well as an intimate look at both Churchills, their family and friends as well for instance a of the great frontrunners of their day - Roosevelt, Stalin, Clement Atlee, Averell Harriman -- it certainly knocked these people off their pedestals and gave us a review of all the skeletons in their closets.
Rather than pick on details, I tended to look at the broad picture and thoroughly enjoyed this nicely written biography which was well written and gripping in many ways. To be that gripped by a book when the finishing is already well known states a lot for the writing. I found myself rooting for Clementine and occasionally wishing someone would have given Winston a good boot in the butt for not appreciating all she did for him, risking the girl into the subverting her own interesting personality to serve to his needs.

Most people idolized Churchill wonderful accomplishments, and indeed, I wonder if any other politician could have saved the world from Hitler. However , this book makes it very clear that without his 'Clemmie' behind him, Winston most likely would never have succeeded. Not very maternal with her children, Clementine nevertheless put upwards with her gigantic child-like, spoiled and demanding hubby, catering to his every whim and studying not only the politics but the personalities behind them in order to guide him in making smart decisions. Unknown to most, she became the flat iron hand in the purple velvet glove and eventually earned the admiration and respect of several world leaders. She did not have an easy life, constantly fearing they could not afford his expensive demands and habits and often living hand-to-mouth on the charity of friends.
Although we all know the result of the war, few of us might know the great part Winston CHurchill's wife Clementine performed in it., I Cherished the book - it took me a while to read because there was so much detail in the book. Clementine gave me so much info on the war and what England experienced and why it took too long for the US to entire the war; I never fully understood that part. Clementine had the girl problems but she was so supportive of the girl husband even to the expense of taking treatment of her children; while you read this about the girl you need to do understand why and how Winston Churchill became prime minister of England - it was definitely because of Clementine and all the work the lady did behind the scenes., could Winston have made it through the rollercoaster ride that was his life in the first fifty years of the twentieth century without his beloved Clemmie? Her intelligence, creativity, charm, and especially her love and total dedication to him wonderful career influenced not only him but people and events in history., Loved this guide mostly because it really was about the wonderful Clementine, and not just a Mrs. Churchill book. Though intensely dedicated wife it's made clear in the book that it was a true partnership and I don't see the admittedly depression prone Winston having such a important impact on the twentieth century without his spouse Clemmie by his side., A very interesting and well researched history of the influence Clementine Churchill had on her behalf husband's career. She was an amazing woman in dedication to her husband and for her time.

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