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This specific terrific book is a " must-have" for filmmakers, be they fiction or non-fiction, documentary or remarkable. To those not in the legal profession, the matter of copyrights and clearances appears like a dark, scary jungle we all wish we didn't have to go through but authors Michael Donaldson and Lisa Callif are there like friendly guides to help you stay away of danger and get to another side safely. Co-written by one of the master architects of " Fair Use" for documentarians, why make your motion picture making journey all the more treacherous? Mr. Donaldson discusses his heroic attempts that brought Errors and Omissions Insurance companies into the regarding documentaries. He certainly deserves a honor for that! This book is quite an enjoyable read, filled with real-world examples that will often amaze you. Yes, even the big boys of the feature film world get little from time to time. Study from their mistakes. You will be told quite obviously what you can do, can't do, must do and should never do. When I had check out this before I started to make my film, I'd probably have enjoyed the trip a lot more!, Solid. Real world advice by those who are actually doing it. I beg you, the actual indie to read it, twice. Somebody has to tell you to about the real world. Downloading the forms if you have the hard copy like I did could be a little clunky but it's really worth your time and effort to type away the links. I assume the Kindle version might be a click away to the forms. A person got the script, you want to get building your shed going, don't mess it up on a legal technicality that will kill your deliverables. I have nothing to do with Donaldson's regulation firm and as an indie producer I demand you read it and also check out all the great and real advice they may have on YouTube too., I am the co founder of Chippendales and during that time dealt with our trademarks a great deal. After promoting that I was a music legal professional and now I do business affairs and project development in films. Michael and Lisa's book is terrific. It is my go to scriptures for matters of distance and copyright. It is so detailed that a screenwriter was having issues processing a copyright and am was able to open to the chapter in the book and walk her through it on the phone. The downloadable types are an added plus. This book is a must for anyone involved in the business side of making films, TV or audio, This book can be really boring if you're not into entertainment law, but it is super useful and useful. If you want to go into entertainment law or become a producer, it is extremely important to read and gives a good, relevant overview, It's become a cliche to say this, but the following is absolutely true of this book. Any question you could possibly have in regards to copyright and anything that you think might be related is answered here. Filmmakers of most skill levels should have this book on standby from pre to post creation. Best of all, Donaldson and Callif have, instead impressively, made this kind of exciting to read? Extremely dense, not distantly dry, This book is fantastic because it covers so many things you should have never thought about. The particular writing in this guide is also relaxed and is easily readable by people of all ages/education levels. Right now I am a college Freshman and it's really nice to be able to read this guide since I am making a feature film. This book shows/gives great examples of cases and explains step by step what everything means. I personally think anyone who is a writer/director/producer should have this guide as you will utilize it often., using this as a reference text while I'm in graduate institution earning my MFA. Now i'm so glad I purchased it. The book goes into fair use, familiarity, and basic copyright concept without giving me too much information. It is well-organized and written by an expert in the field. Regarding film and tv set authors, this book, IMHO, is indispensable., I had the 3rd edition and could not figure out why I ought to upgrade. The motion picture clips alone are one of the sole reasons you should get this book. The boilerplate deals are a nice touch, but it really comes down to understanding what conversation one should have with your attorney. Plenty of information to sift through. Great book!

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