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To provide a background on my opinion, I have two degrees in Biology, and a lot of experience reading and studying about health and nutrition, because I spent a lot of time healing myself by making use of many holistic practitioners. I care about my health, but like most people, I have habits that aren't that great, plus I had lifelong health challenges that handicapped me personally a bit in reaching my health goals. Yet I have enjoyed learning and applying a variety of methods and programs which have been a huge help to me personally. My spouse and i went on the Paleo lifestyle two years ago, and we had great results. But I knew I needed more help to visit the next stage. When I saw this book, I knew it was the next thing for us.

Dr. Junger writes compellingly about the relationship between gut health and a myriad of physical issues, but even more intriguing, he presents good evidence that tension on the gut can be a major contributor to depression and lack of intuitive guidance, because when the gut is anxious, it switches into survival function rather than performing the nice functions that can make life happier or easier for you.

My spouse and I went on the 21-day cleanse. This is likely not going to be something for sissies. If you have a bad physical issue you are really wanting to fix or you are a highly encouraged person seeking to take their health to the next level, this could get it done for you. Nevertheless let me warn you, it is tough. You are asked to give up a bunch of foods, take a bunch of supplements and then slowly reintroduce and test each one of these after 21 days and nights. The final results, if you make it that far, will surprise you.

I aren't guarantee results are the same for everyone. I am sure they may not be. Nevertheless we lost 5-7 pounds without trying, and we usually are that overweight. I was exhausted the first few days and nights, had cravings during the first few weeks, and made it through the twenty one days finally.

Besides reducing your weight easily, we found our fingernails were tougher and faster growing than ever before. I uncovered secondarily (after studying on Google and next and intuitive hit of my husband's) that my stomach pain was ongoing gastritis, and that staying away from the enzymes avoided pain, but embracing them on a careful plan clean my stomach clean and I no longer have the stomach aches which have bothered me for my expereince of living of 62 years. At least, I haven't had one in a week, and which a long time for me to go without one. Actually just fixing that was worth the cost to me.

Plus, we left the program not wanting to 'bad' foods we had already been ingesting. We quit ingesting wine and eating spud chips. We aren't buying chocolate and candies, though we never ate a lot of them. All of us just aren't drawn to them anymore. I never dreamed we would believe it is that easy.

I think you need to be pretty motivated to complete this program, but if you do, it can change your life. We will be doing it once a year to any extent further, as I know it is a good action to take regularly. If you want to improve your health, improve your digestion. This is a great way to do it., Possess been into overall wellness research since age 30 (I'm now 49), mostly due to depression, managed with Prozac and unlike my healthy weight and bad cholesterol levels, I was vulnerable to viruses, had shingles, food poisoning, etc. with no good reason. I had developed lifelong symptoms of atrabiliario bowel syndrome but just chalked it up to being a woman. Doctor. after Dr. shrugged and said blood work uncovered nothing. I always looked young for my age and each and every time I complained of extreme exhaustion, another round of tests uncovered "nothing". I think medical doctors just saw the depressive disorder history and decided I was neurotic! I noticed Dr. Junger on Doctor. Oz and everything he or she said made scientific sense. I read the publication and also to sound like a ridiculous cliche, it changed my entire life. I am thin and it never once made me feel light-headed or dizzy like other "detoxes". I have felt so incredible that I am already on a lower dose of Prozac with the goal of getting off of it. The psychiatrist is blown away. My energy level is through the roof. The perimenopausal hormones caused recent anxiety and even stress attacks. All gone. I am still on the Clean Gut program and keeping a journal to learn which foods I will be sensitive to and if they need to be eliminated or eaten rarely. I was actually highly skeptical because there is so much bad science out there in the Integrative Treatments world, but Dr. Junger is my hero., Very simply the best publication I have read on healthy eating. This book has been my guide since i have bought it and the 21 day cleanse has completely changed my health and my life. Do yourself a favor, purchase this book and do the 21 day cleanse, it could be life changing., Great understanding into the whys to clean our guts. Makes sense & sugars are our main enemy. Family members have down this diet, really not a diet, but a lifestyle & it has been life transforming for them. Highly recommend reading this book. It is rather useful!!, Loved reading the publication. Only implemented four or five of his ideas also it made a noticeable change for me. Reason was not able to the actual full offered is I travel a lot and eat out a lot. I feel his plan would be great for me easily were able to totally follow., love it, love it, love it!
i am constantly surprised at how wonderfully we are made, and just how our living organism is so interconnected.
give thanks to you dr a. l. for using so many great word illustrations to clarify the workings of our own innards- they brought the process to life with clear, vivid understanding.

when you read this book you will think twice about your old damaging habits because you understand exactly why they harm you- enough so you want change those harmful habits and live the life!

i can't wait to begin the 3 week put in earnest (i've looked at many resources-ie.. http://www.cleanprogram.com- whilst awaiting the publication to get here and this week i have soft started and am already feeling good effects)

a good easy read with tons of info:
1) explanation of why and how
2) a brief program to cleanse and reintroduce & live from there
3) recipes to help achieve the program

i highly recommend it!

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