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Trying to find programming about 17 years and consider myself above average programmer. Yet, this guide made me feel as if I am actually horrible coder. I've always gotten my jobs done but I failed to pay attention on refactoring to clean up the code. I'm already right behind and got a demo coming up in few days. As I'm reading my guilty verdicts on all his 'bad code' illustrations, it inspire me to care about 'coding' yet again. It could be fun and it's not all about getting the job done. What's sad about the reality is that 'bad code' will continually increase over time because people don't realize what 'bad code' can do in the long term.

Every programmer regardless of experience should read this book. Thanks!, Profoundly altered how I approach coding. I've been coding expertly for 10 years and felt as if I actually was in a rut and ran in to the same issues multiple times.

Thoroughly clean Code goes into the depths of the problem. Robert Martin takes you through pages upon web pages of code to help make the details clear and relevant to real world problems. Too many books give simple illustrations that are difficult to make meaningful.

Overall this is a great guide that I recommend to programmers at all levels. You will learn something new (even though it's an " older" book)., Actually I have developed a love/hate relationship with this book. I just got it the other day and after reading it I actually can honestly say it has changed my view on my work. I actually used to be extremely proud of my work due to how efficient it was and how well it worked. Today I find myself rushing through old code attempting to clean up! Rofl This book is unquestionably very worthwhile price, I would highly recommend all programmers read it. All of the examples are in Javan, but being a C# programmer the syntax is fairly similar. Main point here: Buy It!!! The only way you'll feel dissapointed about this book is if (like me) you've been writing dirty code and didn't know it!, best book a software engineer could read. it changes your way of coding right away. recommendations may seem to be simple, nevertheless they are not simple at all, they are very effective and useful., "Clean Code" informs programmers how they can write code that is more readable and maintainable.

The first portion of the guide covers identifying confusing computer code and rewriting it for subject areas such as parameters, classes, and concurrency algorithms. These chapters contain thoughts of code before and after some thought was taken to make the code's intent clear. Despite the fact that the examples are typical in Java, the principles could be applied to most languages.

The 2nd section contains case studies of taking source code and implementing the ideas from the first section to comparison how much code can be more readable and maintainable. It was difficult to flip back and forth between pages to follow the differences, but the case studies succeed in showing iterative improvement in the source code.

The final section is a short summary identifying when computer code may need re-factoring to improve readability.

I believe "Clean Code" does a congrats demonstrating how code quality enhances when someone writes or rewrites code with the will to make it better. Before reading this book, I applied some of the ideas from Robert Martin and the other authors, but after reading the book, I learned a lot how to create better code that I actually apply at my programming today.

Just as  May Cause me to feel Think: A Typical Sense Method to Web User friendliness, 2nd Edition   shows how poor web usability can confuse users and how to address it, "Code Clean" shows how poor code legibility can confuse developers as well as how to address it., In Thoroughly clean Code Robert Martin lays out a set of clear, well-reasoned software development heuristics. I believe by applying the techniques described in this book programmers will deliver cleaner, more expressive and more supportable code. As an added benefit, the book is concise and straightforward to read, in contrast to many other books on software development. When i disagree with some of the stances of the author, I actually take a more reinforced view of code comments for example , I consider the guide essential reading for software developers.

I have read the book too many times and recommend it to each creator on my team., I am working with software development a couple of years by now and always postponed the reading of this book. Pity on me, this guide contains great tools to help you improve as a software developer and makes you rethink if the code you are writing is as good as it must be. Robert C. Martin is controversial sometimes, but I believe this is necessary in order to the touch in the programmers mind and put them in the correct mindset about writing software.

I am pretty sure I am the creator after reading this guide., As other reviewers have stated, this book is fantastic. I have several other books about cleaning up code and this one is by far the best written about the subject matter.

Any aspiring programmer of any language should read this book, it' about the concept not about the code examples.

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