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Ok so I was really excited to check out this guide: the idea of 6th authors using the same platform ( a gossip magazine Expose) to write 6 different standalone tales.. sounds interesting and We can also discover a fresh author in the process..
Well We like illicit by Eva Harrison so it was a no brainer to down load the first book in the series.
Mcdougal should disclose that this book has activates.. heavy drug use, body issues.
Today the review: Olivia a model with extremely low self esteem gets terminated while she doing a photo shoot. She was successful a few years back when she was anorexic and doing drugs. She's down on the woman luck so she events with friends, she satisfies wealthy CEO of a hotel empire Spencer Lancaster one night. They hook up and he indicates to her to come along with him via Europe while he's on business. I didn't feel their connection, I experienced it was forced like a lot of things in the book. Afterwards on there exists a misunderstanding with them and she flees and meets up with her friend ( who parties at all times and quite frankly was never nice to her initially of the book ) so she can cope. This specific friend suddenly is looking away for her best interest ( when did the girl change from being the life of the party to a responsible young adult), totally missed that. These two get into an incident while heading home ( weather related) and Spencer is by Olivia's side declaring their love. Nevertheless no chemistry.
Olivia and Spencer get back together while the girl attempts to work out the woman issues but goes back again to doing drugs... he or she finds out and I'm sure helps her ( I have to admit I probably miss those pages towards the conclusion ) however they do have their hea. We did read the epilogue., This is a little more graphic romance novel than I am used to. But it maintains a great history line throughout. You may certainly not be bored, but rather if your sensibilities are a little shy this may not be the book for you., This specific was a unique read. That wasn't as light and easy as I first thought it would be. Even for a quick read, it doesn't absence in angst and touches on a few difficult subject matters that IMO are treated very gently in this short read. So , I have a few issues with it. First the primary characters and the relationship. The story starts off with Spencer Lancaster as the typical millionaire dem playboy. He's the cliched conceited, detached and stunning type of H. Nothing new here.
Olivia is a model, who finds herself currently out of work because by industry specifications she's "too fat", just because her bones are not sticking out of her body. At first we see Olivia show some insecurities and vulnerabilities that lead her to depend upon the wrong people and lifestyle to increase her confidence and offer with things. I liked her a lot, because even though we see the girl has self-esteem issues, when she meets Spencer the girl doesn't come off as needy or weak. The girl seems to be in control of her life and selections, so I liked that about her. However since the story progresses we realize how deep her issues are, how strong the woman demons are, and how self destructive her dealing mechanisms are, and how easily she lets people around her influence the woman, not for good. The girl makes very wrong choices and it was difficult to read at times.
Having said all that, my issues are:
We never felt an association between Spencer and Olivia other that the physical one. First I felt Spencer's change was too sudden. He went from cold and detached, not needing a relationship, to needing to try, to in love in what experienced like no time, like the flip of any switch. We didn't feel the gradual change and the introduction of his thoughts for Olivia. We were told about it, although not shown. I feel like the majority of their time together was shallow and very physical, and even strained but We didn't experience their dropping in love. It experienced forced.
The other issue was that this story touches a few difficult subjects, such as how beauty specifications can may play a role on body image with people with self esteem issues. In addition to drug addiction. It mentions that Olivia suffered from anorexia as well as a drug dependancy, but it never details the anorexia. It also treats her recovery very lightly and easily as though 30 days in rehabilitation is all she needed to get over all the woman issues.
We know this isn't intended to be a book about recovery and mental health this is a love, but still I would have like to see a little more emphasis on the remedy and support that a recovering should be has to cope with life in a healthy manner. We feel like Olivia just substituted the drugs with Spencer, but that's my personal opinion.
Another thing is wish left in the darkish as to what happened with Spencer's brothers. We didn't get any solutions as to what's happening with Pierce, and more impish Grant. Why was Give messing with Spencer? We know the author is trying to create the situations for the future books about the two other brothers, but it disturbs me to get no closure on certain things. Another thing I didn't get enough closure is on the relationship between Spencer and Addison. It always troubled me that I experienced like Spencer had more feelings in the previous for Addison than he or she ever did for Olivia. It was not addressed properly how he ended things ready. At least We hope he did.
Anyway, this wasn't a simple and light read, but a short angsty one, and we can obviously have a few things from to think about., Well written, fun and sexy, We WON the chance to read Clandestine as an ARCH via LJ Shen. Ava Harrison is a new author in my experience; I understood she'd be great, because great minds stick with each other. I received my ARCH, but, once it has become available to buy, halfway through reading, I acquired it. I am the reader who buys books that are worth it. This guide, is unquestionably worth it!! The particular first book in the Expose series, and it's really definitely a benchmark in regards to quality. Let's just get the warmth out of the way: 5/5. The characters, Spencer and Olivia are both strong, independent, with their own personal issues to deal with, but once together they deal maturely with any issues they face independently and as one or two. The particular writing wasn't too verbose, it was sufficient. Right now there is such a thing as TOO much fine detail, but Ava did a wonderful job in providing descriptions (places, situations, clothing, actions, intimacy) that granted me to visualize effortlessly. I recommend potential viewers to learn this book, buy this book, and continue with the series; as well as add Ava into the listing of writers to follow. She's officially on that list for myself. I look ahead to continuing this course, but especially looking forward to reading more Ava Harrison books.

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