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A really funny book about the author's travels through small town New Zealand. Possibly of more interest in people who have lived or at least been here. Does have a very left-wing perspective and probably not for those Zoologie of a mindlessly devoted disposition., No gloss or shine except for the standard characters encountered. Loved these stories especially the first one about our " Darling Dad" " Augustus Lancelot Roberts" Solo Slaughterman, who died early in July 2013. He would have relished reading about himself through the eye of Author " Steve Braunias" Hicks Bay (Wharekahika) beneath the mantle of Patangata Maunga and the end of the Ruakumara Runs - a privilege to be the start of this book., I absolutely enjoyed this book. Well written and enjoyable., A delightful and interesting book about small town New Zealand and the characters that the author meets on his travel around the country. This individual appears to have the ability to find the folks that are a lttle bit different and have great reports to tell, which this individual recounts in his normal inimitable way. Highly suggested., New Zealand journalist and author Steve Braunias loves people. He loves viewing them, and hearing their stories, and trying to understand how they see the world and their place in it. The conceit of 'Civilisation' is that the writer picked 20 randomly spots in the home country – " small villages, unremarkable suburbs [... ] wherever there was any sign of New Zealand civilisation. " After which he hung around, soaked in the scene, knocked on their front entry doors, sat in their homes, drank with them, jeered and cried, and taken the lives of each day people on the web page. This process took him or her three years: that is, 36 months of going to places " no one went to, drawn to their averageness, their nothingness, their banal and exhilarating New Zealandness".

In the palms of a lesser article writer, this is a alright idea that might falter in its execution. But because he loves people and stories, and has the opportunity to back up those loves, Steve Braunias turns this strange excursion into a compelling triumph. 'Civilisation' is an amazing read because the writer manages to switch the mundane into the sublime, over and over again.

Probably the most outstanding place he visits is Scott Base in Antarctica, but he finds it hellish. " Awe is compulsory, but I opted it, " he writes. " The standard line about Antarctica is that it's beautiful. I have no idea how the standard collection came about. Antarctica was as awesome as dying. " Instead, Braunias much prefers to meet ordinary people practicing their daily lives. He enmeshes himself in those lives with the gentle skill of being an amiable sort of bloke, and this individual listens to what they have to say. These kinds of characters burst off the page because he is interested in of those, and wants to know how they beat, and how they got to where they are. Within this sense, 'Civilisation' is pure journalism: it is observing human life and reporting back, with the occasional lyrical flourish. Near the end, he writes a kind of mission statement that summarises the whole work: " Once again, as ever, I was trying to fix the scene in my memory. "

Though he does not cover himself in the narrative, his true feelings for the reporting process are saved for the very end, where he records that the book was built on three years to stay in motels. " I desired to see where other folks lived, but every chapter is an unsaid record of loneliness, " he notes. " I was homesick for the house where I resided with my girlfriend and our daughter, who switched two, then three, then four years old. They will came to the air-port to select me up after I returned from Antarctica. After those white times and white nights, seeing the two of them was like coming back to life in full coloring. " Something compelled Steve Braunias to keep browsing random parts of New Zealand, just to see what can see, and I'm very grateful that he did. In this way this beautiful book, which I suggest.

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