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This is more of a part of brubakers overarching limit epic than it is a tie in to the civil war event. Cap himself has less page time than you needed expect, there is much more of a focus on the side characters, like Sharon Carter, red head, and the winter enthusiast. It's still very good, don't get me wrong, but if you wish to get more into caps brain about civil wars this really doesn't give you that. It does kind of make me want to read more of brubakers run, so there's that., Municipal War: Captain America starts with a liaison between Captain America and his girlfriend, Agent 13 of S. H. I. Electronic. L. D. She tries to convince him to give up his combat against his friends and the government but fails. A framing device is Agent 13 telling all this to a consultant, along with her speaking to one of the girl superiors. Then, there's more intrigue involving Dr. Disaster and H. Y. M. R. A. Finally, Agent 13 must decide which side of the Municipal War she's going to fight on. Will the lady choose Steve Rogers/Captain The usa or her job?

There isn't much Captain The usa in this Captain The usa collection. Of them costing only three issues (72 pages) long, Municipal War: Captain America is a title for diehard fans of Civil Battle. I'm afraid that many people will buy this title as a result of upcoming movie and become disappointed. I'm considering reading most if not all of the Civil Battle event as it hooked myself. I love the overall tale, but this isn't a great book, even at around on ComiXology/Kindle. **3/4, I purchased this a few days back and was pretty excited because Marvel is doing a lot of amazing things in theatres, so We wanted to read up on a few side reports to get an improved idea of the personal clashes within each character. Also, I will be a large Captain The usa fan. However, I sensed like the storyplot was more about Winter Soldier (a. k. a Bucky Barnes) than Captain America. The particular story was okay., I was thinking about reading this as I'd read a few of the other Municipal War storyline books, and I'm interested to see the upcoming Captain The usa movie being released. I don't think I could recommend this book. It's one of very few textbooks I just didn't treatment for very much. We knew the characters, even though I've not read many Captain America textbooks, but occasionally I still felt disconnected, or confused, and then other times just didn't care very much about what was going on. I believe you could skip this guide and you also wouldn't be lacking much. I suppose the same could be said for the  Municipal War: X-Men   book, although I've actually been enjoying that one so far. I'd also recommend the main  Civil War   book., This comic doesn't quite delve into chief Americas mindset like the other civil war selections like iron man or Spiderman does but it does get into the heads of the people who look after him which gives a decent tale and puts more psychological backstory to the city war line., Fun fascinating good enjoyable. Want a lot of Civil War series to learn. Movie was good but reading it is way different, The story deals with the poker site seizures and thoughts of Captain America leading up to and during Civil War. It helps us realise why he chose the side he selected and the difficult clashes he faced for making that decision. Having said that, I'm not quite sure why we needed information on Bucky or events during WW2.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and recommend it. The artwork is good and the textual content is straightforward to read using the panel view. We read this on my 7"kindle fire HD., Loved delving into the modern-day complexities of Captain America's new adversaries. No longer is Cap a black and white warrior, standing up for one basic principle, but stands conflicted by his conviction towards humankind, country, romance and companionship and having to make make tough selections for and against. You'll love this particular short series.

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