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I have already been reading The Mortal Tools series for about a year now, and although the first two textbooks of the series still left something to be desired, I persevered. We are happy to say that We was greatly rewarded because Cassandra Clare's books just keep recovering and better. As the plot thickens, I have become seriously used her characters and their fates.

Here are the four main reasons why We gave The Mortal Tools: City of Lost Spirits 4 out of 5 stars:

I avoid usually give stars for a book's cover, because the outside of a book does not always allude to what exists inside. A plain cover may contain the most intricately written, thought-provoking story. And, an elegantly designed cover may contain a dull, one-dimensional story.

We've all heard this stated a great deal simpler: Never judge a book by its cover.

Well, I am throwing that idea out of the window today because this is an e book cover that I would body and set on my walls; it's just so really beautiful.

All the covers in Clare's Mortal Instruments series are remarkably stunning, but this cover is, without a doubt, my complete favorite. There is just something about Clary and Jace's loving embrace, and not to mention the models who are the perfect agreement of those two character types.

In City of Lost Souls, Jace has already been bound to his evil adoptive brother Sebastian. Clary, Isabelle, Alec, Simon and Magnus must figure out how to unbind Jace from Sebastian, among other things. I really liked the plot of Book Five. It allowed readers to venture outside of Nyc with the characters, also to see a different aspect of Sebastian--a side that really loves Clary (or at least what he considers love).

Action, laughter, romance, adventure: City of Lost Souls experience it all.

I like reading about Jace and Clary, but I have to admit that their partnership is beginning to fall on the back burner for me as new, more active characters emerge. Magnus & Alec, Isabelle & Claire, Maia & Jordan, and even Sebastian (who does not have any pairing) are getting more spotlight. And, this is Clare's greatest move. All of us are seeing how love is changing these people. Even Sebastian. He is apparently lonely and in need of companionship or love, and it makes you sympathize with him all through this book. In my opinion, Clary and Jace haven't really reached the peaks of their development charmilles yet. Yet , we do see Clary display some of her new combating skills in this book.

Cassandra Clare is not afraid to journey across untread waters with her tales.

I love the way she writes about libido. If you are reading her tales, you're not thinking " Oh, yeah, Alec and Magnus are gay. Helen and Aline are gay. " When you read Clare's works, you just see these character types as people who are in love. Her writing is very poetic and lyrical, and it really speaks to emotions, emotions that help you to forget about gender, race, and stereotypes. In this way, Clare's writing virtually breaks boundaries for me, because in the world she creates there are no boundaries, just love.

Clare also touches on another topic that you don't often see in YA books--incest. This theme recurs in her tales. We see it first in City of Ashes in the case of Jace & Clary being in love even after finding out that they are brother and sibling. And then it results in City of A glass, when Clary meets Sebastian. But, things get really uncomfortable with City of Lost Souls and Town of Heavenly Fire.

The particular subject of incest is disagreeable, but I admit that it is well written and it matches Clare's overall story. She actually is trying to evoke specific emotions from her visitors when she writes on this topic--disgust, confusion, empathy--and she succeeds in doing so.

The Mortal Tools books are generally pretty long. But, sometimes they may be too long as is the case with Town of Lost Souls.

The length of this book gives way to repetition; I experienced that some of the same things were being said over and over, a number of the same details were being re-re-emphasized. I also thought that the space created a lack of action and plot projection.

So, overall, this book just seemed unnecessarily drawn away.


Overall, I completely enjoyed City of Lost Souls. It's definitely not my personal favorite of the series, but I would not say it's my the very least favorite either. I highly recommend this series to everyone. Before this series, I think I hated dream but , as it turns out, I was completely wrong. You guys should give it a try and see how you like it!

Clare has created a very intricate world of Shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, faeries, etc. Rarely do we see an writer handle so much subject material effectively--Cassandra Clare does there is certainly grace., In the first four books, I thought Cassandra Clare had developed some wonderful younger character types... (of course Jace) as well as a collection of other memorable young boys. (The girls are a weaker group). And is the situation in most YA books, the grownups are utterly disposable... (which is a shame because technically teens are attempting to enter their world... but hello.... the fact that they are disposable gives grownup readers a world to actually escape to. ) But most disappointing in the first four books were the weak villains. I found the villains contrite, predictable and just plain... well.... black. I get it... teen minds.... black and white worlds... yadda yadda yadda.....

But in this book, I found (spoiler alert) the development of the bad guy (Sebastian) more complex, and significantly more interesting. I actually found the lure of his and Jace's world, with the help of Clary, dangerously fascinating and kind of intoxicating. Why should I villain be one dimensional? Why would not he freely consort in a land of gray and thereby make Clary's and Jace's view of the world... well.... better rounded? Of course, the promise of this particular ( and most adult) dream of mine was eventually dashed by the proverbial battle of black and white, but nonetheless it presented itself as a likelihood for a good chunk of the guide, and thus I give this a 4 star review.

My happily ever before after would involve some strange, somewhat dark world, where twenty something versions of Jace, Sebastian and Clary would be vaguely " bad" and cause a good deal of mischief for others, (but mostly themselves)... with a lot of messiness and moral ambiguity.... but garbage... thats the plot of Breaking Bad....

and We will go returning to my adult pleasures., This book was a large step up from the last book. The particular banter between the character types and the snappy dialogue that was missing for a huge section of the last book arrived back in this one and it made a massive difference. The story itself also tied together much better and was significantly more interesting.

Without providing away too much, the Clave is putting all their effort into searching pertaining to who was revived at the finish of the last book. This simply leaves Clary, along with the now dubbed Team Good, to lead their own search for their own missing teammate. Everyone has to resort to desperate measures to keep said teammate alive, culminating in an intense final battle that will be the preliminary of things to come.

I enjoyed almost all of the characters and was intrigued by their conflicts. We like what the writer has been doing with Isabelle and Simon. Magnus never fails to disappoint whether it be his antics or his dialogue. Alec's development was disappointing, but clear given the circumstances.

The particular reason My answer is I enjoy almost all of the characters is because of how Jace and Clary were managed available. I have to say, I liked the two of them better when they weren't collectively. Jace hasn't been himself for two books and I found myself really missing his personality. Clary, on the other hand, I like less as a personality the more I read about her. She does two self-centered things in this guide, one of which was so terrible that We found myself not able to keep reading for a moment because I was so angry with her. I know that the reader should forgive her because the lady does these things away of love, but my problem is that she isn't doing these things for the person she likes. She's doing them for herself. Her only saving grace is that at the finish she realizes what a terrible thing she's done and tries to make up for it. The girl was my least favorite character to read about in this book, even though much of the tale surrounding her is interesting.

Overall, I would definitely recommend reading this guide if you're a fan of the series. If you were disappointed with the previous book, you won't repent getting that one. This guide is either my second favorite or tied for my favorite entry in the series.

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