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Having a highly accessible narrative style, City of Light, City of Poison: Murder, Miracle, and the very first Police Main of Paris invites the modern reader returning to reinvestigate a true extravagant scandal that involved a web of: suspicious deaths, harming accusations, painful confessions and lasting ciphers that have all become to be known under the bewitching subject of The Affair of the Poisons (L'affaire des poisons). From 1677-1682 the town of Paris served as the backdrop to a lethal mystery that went unnoticed by many including medical professionals at the time, what was regarded as simply explained by gangrenous piles of bile or errors on inexperienced autopsy tables would soon be exposed in vile depositions to involve poisoned shirts and pulverized toads. As ugly as it all seems, those are all only parts of the baleful truths that Nicolas de La Reynie (the first police chief of Paris) would soon bring to light and the polite belief that stops at privilege or esteemed morals would be destroyed eternally in society’s eyes.

Because fascinating as City of Light, Associated with Poison concluded for this reader who confesses to seek out and gather subjects of dark history; I needed more and for the stories or cases to go on beyond 54% onto her kindle. I also thought the beginning a little uneven (along with a spellings and wished to get more images of key names and locations in the ultimate pages) but appreciated the odd ambiance this work eventually brought allowing the inquisitive to fall in step with La Reynie’s inspections and persistence in everything. I also found the back and forth private and public dramas presented from the halls of Versailles to the mean back alleys (and even in the dank gets to of frightening rooms meant for the Question) irresistibly beguiling but at the same time refined with an overall notable respected approach. I admit not at all times easy subject areas to read in more detail come about in the pages of City of Light, Associated with Poison: Murder, Magic, and the First Police Chief of Paris and it do have its unfortunate personal disappoints but Ms. Tucker has certainly researched and conjures all the distrustful notions from 17th-century Paris from watching what your wear, where you step and questioning who you can trust to increase and fire the mind to find out more on all presented and that’s why this title is staying on my unique shelves., This is the first nonfiction book I use read in awhile. I came across the author, Holly Tucker, can pace the history in a gripping way that makes you are feeling that you are actually reading a piece of great fiction. The fact that this incident really happened only helps to enhance the interest in the storyplot. We learned so much about the time period, but never once felt like I was being beaten over the head with as well as training. It amazes me how prevalent poisonings were at the time and how superior the techniques were to make them hard to track. I devoured every webpage of this book. That will would be my one minor complaint with the story, it seemed to pass by to quickly. These kinds of is the case We guess when dealing with an actual account of history, but I still needed more., What a wonderful pleasure to read! A new facinating cast of true life characters involved in stranger-than-fiction rivalries and conspiracy almost beyond compare. I knew very little about 17th century France and even less about Louis XIV wonderful court, but Microsoft. Tucker changed that with this enthusiastically researched and beautifully presented book. The particular shenanigans of the various Parisians, rich and bad, are interesting enough by yourself, but Tucker delves much deeper to reveal tidbits that will shock even the jaded modern reader.
Believe it or not, I kept reading after the Epilogue because even Tucker's Author's Notes and Bibliography are interesting., Therefore much is wondrous odd in this book, that it might be used to make the point that reality is fantastic enough, that we don't need fiction. The practice of the Black Arts is hard to stomach, and the punishment for such is brutal. Ms. Tucker quotes the cries of the tortured--taken down by the court's recorders in the torture chambers. The particular manuscripts survived; she placed them in her palms.
There are several more books in this. We hope she heads returning to Paris soon.
Spoiler alert: Be careful who your laundry!, Because somebody who typically does not choose to learn nonfiction, We love this book! It reads as though it is a fiction novel and often times I had to remind myself the particular were true events. Incredible!!! I would recommend this to those who love a true historical nonfiction book as well as those who love an enthralling story that makes you not want to put the book down. Superb read!, Enjoyed the historical research that entered this., Absolut absorbing, Plus its not fiction! Read it! Find out a lot, enjoy!
About the cover: Eiffel tower and Ludvig 14? Shame on you.., Good book, but We expected an even more balanced focus on the chief of police's effort to deal with crime through lighting the town as well the poisoning " epidemic. "

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