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We didn't know very well what to expect when I started City of Bones but this should be the best series of books I have read in a long long time. Yess I began watching the show and I had to stop, nothing made sense. So I started reading and let me tell you, We could not stop. Any time I say page turner it was just that. I read book after book as well as been awesome from begin to finish. Each emotion you can feel you will for this bunch. I loved every book. They were more than well written and flowed into one another without pause. I loved the way each book had some small reference back to the previous guide or books. If you are looking for an escape or adventure this series will do it. Any time they were breathless so was I. When their hearts were breaking for some reason, so was mine. When they were kicking but , so was I. Coach anyone how to a pleasure to read this course and know the adventure continues with Emma and Jules just a little longer. It is . great to know Tessa has a part and a series that explains her appearance as well in the series. Even Simon gets to continue a little longer. Just cherished all the books. When your looking for some quite dull instances this series is not for you. Really looking ahead to the next guide and the next and the following!, I must confess I LOVED the infernal devices series much more than I liked the mortal instruments. Having said that, We really liked this ultimate installment, great plot and ending, at first We didn't understand the entire importance of the children and stuff though I did think about it was a way to tie this series with the prequel, which kinda did. Great character types are introduced and we see many ones we love.
Becoming a fan of the prequel which I performed read first, I cherished to know how Jem stopped being a silent brother, and also to see Tessa back as well. We do admit it must suck for the people who hadn't read those books before though, it's a easy way of getting people thinking about reading them, a low blow in terms of marketing but well i guess.

I loved to see a side of Isabelle that was a little more vulnerable and how loving a great the girl truly is, I love her. Alec is still irritating I'm some ways but I never really cared for him too much, in terms of simon, I cried!! Read on till the end and you should see why. As for Clary and Jace: awwwe! I do adore them. You can really see them grow and mature and I was ridiculous for that scene at the lake. I must say that for me personally as a 25 year old, I rarely in this course I felt like these were actual young adults, which is fantastic to not believe it cause it gets boring pretty fast, like I now be bored with twilight, and this didn't really happen in this book.

I was a little disappointed in the not so epic conflict, although it wasn't terrible I had formed hoped for Sebastian to go with mare like a fight, though he was a sneaky bastard so he got what he deserved, though his death scene is beautifully written and even kinda makes you cry.

All in all, a worthy finishing. I will likely re read both series again, and i also do hope to see the rest switched into movies, I did not think the first was a totally terrible adaptation though it wasn't really the best either so there it is. Appreciate this light fun and entertaining read!!, SPOILERS

We wish to read Clare's publications, she has her ups and downs but in the end the girl is a good author, TID is one of the best series. But this book just didn't meet me.

Firstly she had a lot of various POV jumping around randomly, making the book fairly confusing as you try to physique out who is telling the story. She then gives a lot of the chapters around Emma and the Blackthorns, I understand that she wanted to introduce her next series but there was way a great deal of of them. I was hoping for more of Tessa, as she advertised the fact that she would be in it a lot. On the matter of Tessa, she was mentioned to often because of it to discrete, especially as she has never been discussed earlier.

The last picture of the Idris authorities really bugs me. That is a major offer to the plot of the next series and that treaty that the shadowhunters forced on the Faeries. Treaty of Versailles much? There had to be shadowhunters in the crowd who know enough about human history to know how bloody Globe War two started! Presently there is also major tips about the tragic love story that will occur.

I must admit We love an e book that can make me cry, and I admit I performed when Simon lost his memories of Clary, Izzy and the shadowhunter world, but at the same time I loved his sacrifice. Then Clare needed to go bring him as well as introduce the idea of becoming a shadowhunter, just so that she could have her very unlikely 'happy ending'.

I performed enjoy reading this guide, there were plenty of great scenes (Simon is leather pants and white blouse for one). Plus Sebastian's death was set up and exicuted well despite it being very evident what had happened to anyone with a split brain. Malec received back together of course and Clace is as annoying strong just about any. Clare also hints that Tessa and Jem will play a role in TDA but we will just have to wait to see.

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