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After I finished the the first book I had to buy the second book. This story is definitely too good. Interestingly enough this is the second series I use read where the key character is a goblin/hobgoblin the first being Life Reset that we also formerly found out on RoyalRoad.

Moving on, this is an excellent continuation and we also get to see a change of scenery with almost all of the story taking place in a city. I missed Saeter a little bit in this story, but this is Blacknail's story so it would obviously focus more and more on him as the story moves along. What is important I liked about this book though was the combat and they are what really impressed me. Right now there were no overly dramatic fights and besides wonder all the fights were pretty realistic in a way. The one thing I really liked about the arguements though was how even if someone is an underdog they can still win with preparation, sensibilities, and quick thinking. Actually if you are powerful you can still be killed easily if taken by surprise no make a difference how much protection you have. It happened in the first book and it happens quite a few times in the second book.

I was really liking Blacknail's progress and am greatly so looking forward to book 3 and seeing how Blacknail continues to increase and how he influences the ones around him., A somewhat conflicted hobgoblin has its own adventures among the human rascals of a teetering northern civilization. Began as a lttle bit more unique premise in the first book but even losing some of its charms continues to be very entertaining in this second instalment. The main character commenced as a rather narrow-minded greedy aspirant that was simply confusing and put down by those around him in the previous book but now exhibits occasional sympathetic behaviour. Nevertheless a comic character but not really a dark personality anymore., Please eventually in book 3 have Blacknail yell out "Blacknail is here! Please stay still so I can shoot you. " I really like Blacknail. Was a little disappointed when this individual gave up their own crew. Was very happy with the taunting between the assassins. Great follow up and I think I could get away with saying a lot better than the first., This specific story with regards to a sewer goblin slave changed into a hobgoblin with ranger hunter skills. It shows how silly it is for us humans to think other clever would think and value the same as all of us. This story is a good break from human drama., Ok, so the key character doesn't ever say those exact words. But this book is a delightful point of view advised from a hobgoblin's perspective. I have to admit that he's occasionally right; humans are pretty stupid sometimes., i loved that the writer wrote from only Blacknails point of view even though everything were going on. this book was fun, gory, different, and Blacknail got quite a lttle bit of female attention. i recently loved it., The particular goblin is well pictured; inhuman, with instances of redeeming empathy and lots of humor. Overall, the story is very enjoyable, with a good balance between the various aspects. Subsequent, please!, Just as good as the first book!!! A story following a conspiracy, that never required into mind a hobgoblin. He doesn't think or work like a human but this individual makes an excellent another!!

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