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As the author points out in his afterword, his second books delve a little more into relationships and personalities. Watching Maia and Collier's relationship grow (and also Suzenne and Dodd's), was one of the best parts of this book.
Some have complained about the parallels the author draws between the belief in the Medium and Christianity. In my opinion, it doesn't have to be Christianity but whatever your life's guiding push is. Embrace it, let it lead you. If you are quiet and listen, the answer then is usually provided., Great story and it picks upward right away from book one. I appreciate his remark how his daughter remained up through the night to finish it. Two things I actually take away from that comment. one it is that good that you would like to keep reading. 2. His daughter was reading it, which to me means it is a book the whole family can read and luxuriate in. No profanity and still a great book, (imagine that). I also cherished how he linked the other series together by brining Li and Colvin back. It returns good memories of first series. Would recommend to all age groups, even though some of what they are called are hard to pronounce, but fun trying and it increases my vocabulary., I browse the original Muirwood series, and fell in love. I love fantasy and science fiction, and Muirwood seems to have a little of both. In this book, The Ciphers of Muirwood, Maia arrives at Muirwood Abbey with her grandmother, the Large Seer. There she satisfies other students, including Suzenne and Dodd. Girls meet in secret to examine and learn from the tomes. Maia prepares to take the Maston test. When she goes to take the test, she gets highly that it's not time. Her father, the california king of Comoros, and his retinue, arrive at Muirwood Abbey to signify Whitsunday. Ultimately, Maia takes the Maston test and opens the Apse Veil. She has quite a surprise when Lia and Colvin come through the Veil! There is a battle at the Abbey. I really enjoyed reading this book, and loved getting to know Maia and Collier better, and seeing Lia and Colvin again. I understand you will really enjoy this book, with all of its twists and turns., PROFANITY: none
SEX: none
Age appropriate 12-adult

Although sometimes I feel that Wheeler is heavy passed in the explanations, telling too much of his character types motivations as if he or she fears the reader won't decipher it out, I have no other complaints. Wheeler's plots are unique and complex but his character types are even more intricate. It's a delightful read, old from the layers of the characters.

Maia, princess of the realm, vanished, demeaned and abused, remains almost too good to be true. At times I actually have a hard time associated with her because the author succeeds in making the reader hate the king so we are unable to connect with the compassion Maia feels for him. That's a difficult bit of writing., I actually have really enjoyed this author but I have really, really disliked Maia and her story. Lots of needless suffering, blundering around ignorantly, and just general helplessness that makes me crazy. The whole story appears to be a rewrite of the biblical job and how suffering for your God/religion is your lot in life I actually skipped thru the final 100 pages and could not wait for it to be done. Will not be reading further into this series., I absolutely love Jeff Wheeler's Muirwood series, I reviewed the initial three set, and looked forward to picking up the Covenant books. Wheeler creates a believable world, not unlike our own medieval histories, with echoes of Harry Potter and students of miracle, and appealing characters with realistic baggage and internal conflicts. The romance between Maia and Collier, rightful queen and king of separate hostile realms, is masterfully developed. The readers senses the rightness of their impromptu marriage, even as it is annulled and unconsummated and ill-fated because Maia has innocently become a hetaera, a dark siren whose hug brings painful death to the men she seduces. The sexual tension is almost unbearably high-strung without being graphic or x-rated. Despite this irreversible problem, the mutual attraction develops as they fight to save lots of their kingdoms and fight enemies bent on wiping out their kingdoms and their neighboring allies. Their friends and protectors provide further suspense and surprising subplots. Wheeler avoids the frustrating cliffhanger endings by providing a hopeful resolution to each of three books. I hope Jeff Wheeler is not done with Muirwood and its beautiful people., As an adult readers of youth fiction, I actually fully enjoyed this book. It was sufficiently in depth and original to maintain my interest and presented positive values. Although exploring dark themes including concentrated and misuse of power, the story also stressed the importance of hope and faith in life. JefffWheeler always comes forth with a positive story even in worlds packed with danger and challenge., The second book of the trilogy. In the author's words, he generally likes the second installment of a trilogy best. Ciphers will not disappoint. Although still somewhat naive, this is by far the best book in the Muirwood universe. Full of péripétie, politics, deception and unfaithfulness, it still dedicates plenty of time to character development. It is nice to see the several challenges experienced by the characters and how those shape them and how they evolve. Again, still somewhat naive and compelled relatively, but overall the storyplot flows naturally and the character types grow nicely. Thrilling story, nice read. Definitely well worth it.

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