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I need Antonio for myself.

Yes, I said it. Apologies, Daniella, but you're own your own this time!

Okay, okay, in all seriousness... I'm a massive Joslyn Westbrook fan. I gushed over The Fifty-Two Few days Chronicles - and devoured the book in one sitting. I was blessed enough to to have ARC of this book, and i also just... melted. From the very first page, Daniella's tone of voice had me hooked. She's in the proper perportions of snarky and pure class, a heroine that you truly want as your own buddy. I love how much of a go-getter she is. The lady has dreams, she has aspirations, and isn't content to just sit back again and wait for them to happen. Maybe because I saw a little of myself in the girl, but I rooted for Daniella in the first place and the girl character growth did *not* disappoint.

And Antonio... oh goodness, exactly what do I say about him, other than they have all the qualities you want in a book boyfriend?
Sexy? Check.
Confident? Check.
Secretly sensitive under all that suave air? Wow, yeah.

I loved Daniella and Antonio separately, and I loved them even more together. Joslyn Westbrook has created a history that proves fairytales *do* exist, even when you are so very desperate to show or believe that they avoid. I don't know how Westbrook can it, but We believe that I might actually (gasp) love Cinderella-ish even more than I loved Typically the Fifty-Two Week Chronicles, and I typed out that title so many times my phone autocorrected the words for me personally.

If you want a romance that will sweep you off your feet, then look no farther. This is the book for you. No, really. I'll wait. Go one-click this gem, please. You *won't* repent, I promise!

Loved it so much! I cannot wait to see what Westbrook has up the girl sleeve next!, First let me say how much I love this publication cover! That pink footwear is everything. Now for the real deal. I used to be excited to read this book, having read Joslyn's first book and loving it. I have to say it did not disappoint.

Chick lit is not my preferred genre, but We absolutely love this writer and her writing style. The story was a cute spin on all of the Cinderella knock offs out there. For one Daniella doesn't believe in fairy tales. She is jaded and has already been hurt. What she doesn't realize is fairy tales don't need you to believe in these to come true. You can't run from fate or your happily ever after.

Antonio is the most popular guy! Not really only is he decline dead gorgeous, he or she is fairly sweet, funny, sensitive and sarcastic. He is the only man that could get Daniella out of the girl funk and into his arms. Despite what TMZ says, he or she is a good man with a coronary heart of gold. He or she is not the womanizer they represent him to be.

We was mad at Harvey and his minions when they broke the history about why they think Antonio was getting involved. It totally pissed myself off how they can ruin someone's life with speculation. This happens all of the time to celebrities and I feel for them. Imagine shedding the love of your life because of a news history breaking on tv before you can tell the girl yourself.

Well, like all good fairy tales, this one ends with a HEA, but not one you could expect. I have to admit I identified the surprise at the conclusion during the story and knew what was occurring in the epilogue. Proceed figure. It was still cute to see and We enjoyed it., Great publication. A must read. I love the author and the girl writing style. The badinage, persiflage between Antonio and Daniella are hilarious., This publication was so great to read. Daniella is one difficult cookie. Antonio is merely about everyone's fantasy man. These two are a fabulous pair, even if they emerged together unexpectedly., Due to language I would not recommend this to young grown ups. This book made me smile at Danella, because of some of her steps.

Thanks, This was the initial book of Joslyn's I possess read and this will not be the final.
Loved it.
Definitely worth a read!, Fans of sassy heroines, handsome to-swoon-for CEOs with a heart of gold, and witty dialogues - plus glamorous options in the fashion world, and a sprinkle of sexiness - will no doubt enjoy this light-hearted and entertaining rom-com. The writer of The Fifty-Two Few days Chronicles is back with a vengeance with another romantic tale in a new series, that’s just as fun as the girl debut novel was.
Daniella, the one who swore off men forever and is convinced Prince Charming doesn’t exist, and Antonio, the rich man who wants to find love but can’t find a woman who’s considering him and not simply his money, might seem like the stereotypical modern fairy tale that’s been advised before. But trust myself, this is NOT your average fairy tale. It may be a funny, a little sexy, and decidedly romantic story that could keep you turning pages unless you attain the totally unexpected distort in the prologue. We seriously didn’t view it approaching, but thought it was an excellent idea for the ending. Now I can not wait to read another book!
Cinderella-ish is a quick read that’s perfect for a rainy weekend, for a snowed-in afternoon on the chair with a warm blanket, as well as a great beach read. No issue the weather, rom-com fans will enjoy every little bit of this book. You could even read it on the commute to work, but you’d have to ensure you can keep your thoughts in check because you might like to laugh out high in volume in public—or swoon, accordingly. And watch out for jello donuts, just in situation!

***Warning: the book comes with a potty-mouthed heroine, a swoon-worthy hero, and some naughty times in bed. And also lots of LOL moments. ***

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