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Adored this!

I was not planning on reading this publication yet in addition to several other books I really should have read first. I indexed Cinder and Ella to just read the first part and didn’t put it down! I read the whole thing in one sitting down. This really shouldn’t have surprised me because I love Kelly Oram! Actually there are simply a few authors that write in a manner that sucks me in and won’t let me come up for air until I’ve finished their publication. Kelly is one of those writers.

I’m a sucker for Cinderella retellings so this was destined as a favorite of mine. What teenage girl hasn’t dreamed of having someone famous fall for her and sweep the girl off her feet. You know that is not actuality but it is sure fun to dream and escape into an exciting tale like one.

Underlying the fairy tale there were beautiful messages about love and acceptance. This publication gave me the “feels”. I had tears and smiled and laughed aloud. It was a significantly fun escape from the housework that I had intended to do the day I read this.

There is some “content” in this. Nothing as over the top as her publication A is perfect for Abstinence contained. I did let my 14 year old read this one but warned the girl in regards to a few things before she started it and she too loved it.

On a random notice – I actually researched The Druid Prince one or two chapters into this tale because I thought it was obviously a real book and I wished to read it. Utterly disappointed it is not a real story… maybe Kelly will write it (hint, hint).

Rating: 5 Stars – I cherished it.

Content: some terminology (I let my adolescent read it and she indicated out that there was more than I realized), innuendo and talk of sex but nothing image or too over the top.

Source: Review duplicate, I am an enormous viewer, it's my go to for down time in order to read 6 to eight books weekly. I love books, I read many books but there are only a few I go back to multiple times such as 'Pride and Prejudice' for a Classic and 'The Tag of the Lion Series' by Francine Rivers for a historical heart aching journey of slaves and gladiators but I think this book just made the cut to me.

This is one of those says that will stay with you in your thoughts for days or days to come but live in your heart forever. The raw emotion of human being nature and struggles, both the positive and the negative sides of it, are written with such a quiet strength that they both melt and break your heart.

Ella's tale sprung from us a combination of smiles, laughter, tears and that tightness in your chest where it swells from anger, craze and pain for the journey she has and still was taking. I loved this story and I won't ruin it with any details but I will agree with Ella and say, Ella is the true leading man of the book, not the prince (or in this case the The show biz industry star)!

This is definitely taking place my rather short set of 'to re-read' all time favourites., Normally I stay away from " new adult" books. Being eighteen once was more than enough to me! And I REALLY don't like " imaginative retellings" of typical stories or fairy reports, which I thought this might be. Am I ever glad which i read the description and many reviews and ignored my usual grumpy self enough to buy this publication.

Yes Cinder and Ella are young, but what happens to them both, fame for him, tragedy for her, make them both mature harder and faster than either could expect, and mature beyond their physical years. None of the steps in the stages of their " relationship" with each other, or with any of the people around them seem to be fake, and the revelations which come out every so often are astonishing and sometimes unexpected, but always true to the characters. (They seem to be that way, but then again I have never had Hollywood fame neither have I attended a " prestigious" private institution, so maybe not. But it really seems extremely plausible in my experience! ) A good publication to see if you have to have a good sad and happy cry or two--or five., Ella Rodriguez' dad divided when she was little. She knows he lives in California and has remarried. She's pretty content with her life even though money's tight. This wounderful woman has an online blog where she posts her feelings about movies and those who star in them. She started an internet training match with follower who uses the name of Cinder, her favorite figure from a fantasy series. The back and on started out snarky, but it was pretty clear to both of them that they liked each others wit and views. Disagreement was a big part of the enjoyment for both.
Ella is on a trip to Vermont with her mom and is deciding whether or not to give Cinder the girl mailing address when they may involved in a terrible accident. Her mom murdered and Cinder suffers injuries that include burns over 70% of her body. She never reaches complete her reply.
Eight painful a few months later, Ella finds their self heading to live in California with her father, step-mother and twin step-sisters who are her age and both hot blondes. These people resent her intrusion into their life. Ella, is not only miserable, but grief stricken and angry at having to be in a home where she feels like everyone really doesn't want something to do with the girl.
At the same time Cinder who is very professional Brian Oliver, feels lost without his online good friend. When she emails him after hitting a brand new mental bottom, he's so excited he almost loses it. Unfortunately, she's too frightened about how he'll interact with the girl burns to risk allowing him find out she's so close, but since things go from bad to worse both at home and school, her frustration breaks down her wall space.
What are the results after that makes for a read that's nearly impossible to put down. Teens who like fairy reports retold in modern times as well as those who love an under dog rising to the top will delight in reading this one.

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