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We first learned who Get rid of Close was when he or she was on The Colbert Report back August--that night time I ordered both Get rid of Close: Work and Get rid of Close: Life. Now about three months later I finally got time to browse the book, and I feel extremely pleased I ordered it. Not so sure anything about Get rid of or the art world in general, it was incredibly fascinating to have an inside look at other artists and how the art world operated(both from Chuck's perspective as well as the author's, who was an 'art world insider').

As another reviewer as said, the author is a friend of Chuck's and I do concur that he is at times boasting about Chuck's ability, but I avoid think this necessarily will take anything away from the book. And probably, experienced mcdougal not been a close friend of Chuck's, the book wouldn't contain the immense amount of personal information that it does, which adds a lot to understanding Chuck.

There was clearly also a comment about the photographs not being of the highest quality; this is true, but Get rid of Close: Life is meant to be a companion to Chuck Close: Work; the works shown in 'Life' are meant simply to show the change in Chuck's technique over the years. If one is looking to gawk over his work for long periods of time and intently study the images, probably 'Work' is where you should look. Sadly, because of to business and laziness, I still haven't removed the shrink wrap from Chuck Close: Work, so I can't discuss the quality of the images in that book. A single thing that I definitely noticed instantly is that 'Life' is definitely a sturdy book--nice binding and massive thick webpages (no doubt Chuck found to it that the book would hold up)--and probably the lack of image quality comes from the absorbency of the paper and it's cream color.

I think the only negative comment I'd leave about Chuck Close: Life is that the author really is not a very good writer. This almost became a game to spot words that the author seemed to have learned while writing different sections of the book, and he then made a decision to use that term as frequently as possible: 'tour de force' is employed to describe like the initial half dozen works Chuck creates after Big Nude; 'aplomb' is overused in the span of three to four webpages to describe Chuck wonderful wife (and maybe other people--again, see: overused); and the case is the like 'au courant' at the conclusion of the book (because other people only need to be up to date on the art world once Chuck has become famous? ).

Nevertheless, still 5 stars.

UPDATE: We was just reading through the reviews I'd written, and I should really take back what I said about mcdougal being a bad writer. He could be a fine writer, he just likes to use fancy, and possibly somewhat-unnecessary, language sometimes., Being among the most respected American artists of his generation, a member in good standing of the New York City cultural elite, honored by displays throughout the world, recipient of many awards for his in order to Art also to Humanity, Chuck Close has had it all.... except his fair share of perceptual, neurological and immunological characteristics. This fine biography, at the request, and with the full involvement, of it's subject, and cooperation of his family, friends, fellow-members of the art world, and consumers of his product, captures the human drama of the man imbued with a lust for achievement who surmounted minor as well as devastating barriers, to get an icon of personal survival in an often nightmarish experiential world. Although there was the major shock of becoming a "partial paraplegic" in his late forties, it was daily handling extraordinary attaque on independent living that has sunk many others into impenetrable despair, that required the courage and commitment that he owned to a superior degree than most, in order for him to keep his professional successes and add to them other substantial advantages. Without bathos the author retails the early problems of dyslexia and neurological weaknesses as well as the later critical health problems and the manner by which he coped and surmounted the difficulties. His family relationships are detailed with some suggestive hypotheses as to their impact on him or her without the tedious and tendentious speculation that so mars many other modern-day biographies. His mother and his wife were obviously dominant in their very different ways in influencing his personal adjustments, as were a number of named teachers, colleagues, and previous artists in his professional life. Mcdougal is quite good at recommending the travails that his wife endured due to his illness, but only she can know the cost to her of the wracking anxieties and emotional stress that the girl role imposed after the girl. The author, quite a while good friend, aptly sketches the technical nature of his artistic growth but defers here to the thorough treatment of Close's work in his earlier book dedicated to that theme.
Overall, a biography that should be of considerable interest to the typical reader to whom it is addressed as well as to those with greater involvement in the art world who will find valuable insight into one of their own., I ordered this publication after seeing an interview with the artist and author on PBS Newshour. The particular book provides regarding the artist and the art world. It is a declaration of the power of the arts in our school system. Mr. Close's statement, "Yale or jail", brings home the point that higher education should be available to all.

We was enthusiastic about how Get rid of Close developed his work and the struggles in finding his voice while keeping his beliefs in tact. This book provides ideas and courage to anyone who has the eyesight to succeed., Although I use not finished this publication We are enjoying it completely. Th author is a super stoy teller and what a story to share with. Chuck Close is not only one of the best artists in the United States he or she is a incredible person. His struggle with disabilities as a young person and then later his spinal stroke which left him or her wheel chair bound. He never gave up and went on to fresh paint better than ever. His / her life is magical and so is his work. We was lucky enough to get a number of his work at San Francisco MOMA part of the Fisher Series and it was fantastic. I had developed only seen photos and the originals were breathtaking. The art world is so fortunate that Chuck Close never gave up the fight. Any kind of one who is intrested in the work should own and read this publication., A very well crafted biography chronicling the life of one of the most interesting artists of our time. As an artist I used to be very moved to see how Chuck Close, despite struggling a significant disability was able to continue creating amazing works of art.

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