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The most interesting thing I found is that Anthony at times promoted the negative interpersonal traits he wrote about whilst actually condemning them. I learnt a whole lot about the time in the reading as well. Some of his stories and writing was just like Charles Dickins. The only negative was that he repetitive himself sometimes which is much required for a whole lot of modern writing - hacking over and over what characters are pondering., A magnificent writer tells a story of intertwined lives in Barsetshire in the mid-nineteenth century in these six novels. The particular time spent was so richly rewarded at a phenomenally low price of somewhere around for the Kindle version of this collection. I cannot believe it took me 80 plus years to start reading the novelists of this period (Eliot, Trollope, Melville). But it is never too late to start with. In addition to we can die capturing up. That's a present that never stops providing., Since I acquired this on Kindle, I really failed to know it was 6 novels in one and it seemed overwhelmingly long! It truly is almost painfully slow in story development, but that is part of its charm. It is quite wordy, but the the entire is exquisite all the same. It is sometimes quite funny, but in an elegant wry way. I am still only half way through the first novel, so I'll withhold my final thoughts and opinions until I end!, Wonderful series of 6 novels describing church and local politics in countryside Victorian England with a lot of amusing satire together with serious insights into the situation of women and men seeking their jobs and future in a society based on course, hierarchy and, of course, money. Complements the Palliser novels which are more centered on Victorian political life working in london, largely focused on the ruling class and aspirants thereto., With all the reviews of these Barsetshire chronicles preceding mine, I doubt that I actually could add anything to convince someone to read them. If you love reading the words of someone who's a master of the English language and of subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle humor, an expert observer and reporter on the human condition, you needed most likely enjoy them. I've seen them done up as a movie, but love reading them better. There's more nuance and slyness... and time to revel in the pleasure.. with no actors, directors, and time constraints in your way on the path to the page.

The description of Mr. Slope from Barchester Towers: " His nose, however, is his redeeming feature: it is pronounced, straight, and well-formed; though I should have liked it better did it not own a somewhat spongy, porous appearance, as though it had been cleverly formed out of a red-colored cork. "

And that was his " redeeming" feature! The rest of the description preceeding that portion made me chuckle out loud., Anthony Trollope is the most brilliant author I've read. He could be very entertaining asd a master of word useage. That is hard to consider he was postal staff member., Having all six books in one volume seems at first glance to be a convenient way to read them. Yet there are a definite drawback. That isn't easy to navigate a big collection such as this one. For example, If only Amazon would add chapter titles to the tables of contents also to add the option to " go to" the table of contents -- for the collection as a whole and for chapters within each novel.

One more gripe: The last novel in particular I found just packed with typographical mistakes. The quick copy editing would have been welcome.

But Trollope's novels are fascinating, if sometimes a little drawn out, particularly the last., When you have any interest at all in nineteenth century novels Trollope's Barsetshire series is charming. Although not filled with incident (although I found it a page turner in its gentle way) it is filled with acutely noticed humanity and loving information of village life. Trollope is an unflinching see to character, but kindly. Excellent, if slow paced, reading.

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