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Excellent mountain man life story---if you like this guide you will want to also read the subsequent 99-cent true-life mountain man narratives:
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10  Journal of a Trapper Or Nine Yrs Residence among the Rocky Mountains Between the years of 1834 and 1843 (1921) , I offered it an extra star because it was written in the 1800s, otherwise it would have been a two star. It is interesting enough, but so inaccurate and overly romanticized it turned out almost unbearable, constantly reminding the reader of white man's superiority to the indian, glossing over more embarrassing facts, and making claims and assumptions that aren't supported. (As well as leaving out many important parts of Carson's life). Statements such as saying the white men moved into Kentucky when the indians died off or went to other hunting grounds out west, instead of admitting the weakling wars fought to drive them out, or that on the Carson family's journey from Kentucky to Missouri, that they " with a buffalo gown spread on the gentle grass for a umbrella, would sleep far more sweetly in the open air than most millionaires sleeping in tapestried halls and on beds of down" it merely requires is giving the authors glorified imaginings of what things were like. I doubt the folk who were there saw it doing this, but the creator often describes things is such romantic prose. I actually do recognize that perceptions were different in the 1800's, especially in race relations, nevertheless the author experienced to know having been putting in thick. I done reading it as an example of a historical piece, not as giving accurate history, and would only recommend the book to someone who wanted to see how some people of that time thought rather than what actually happened., I was somewhat disappointed in that this book deals more with general tales of Carson rather than specific facts and details of his life. Considering the time at which it was written, and the devotion the author had for his subject, this may be excused. Being an old bean counter I actually am much more interested in details., This was an interesting book. It might probably be most appreciated by readers with a strong interest in the subject matter matter as it was very detailed and fairly long. Typically the writer is obviously a big lover of Kit Carson, so it's hard to say how accurate the guide is. I have a feeling that when Kit Carson did make a move that wasn't admirable, Abbott may have remaining it out of the book or put a spin on it to be able to appear more positive. I actually haven't read any other books about Carson, though, so I usually do not know.

I did like learning more about what life was just like in the west in that time period. There was a lot of specifics about what they got, how trappers and predators conducted themselves, and things like that which were very interesting. I've read several novels about life in the west during that time period, and it was nice to read nonfiction about the same era to see how much of the information in novels is based on truth.

I was screening this book to verify if it would be a good guide to give to my 12 and 10 yr old sons. My conclusion was that if they develop an extreme interest in Kit Carson, the time period, or something like that, I'll recommend it to them. However, Now i'm not going to just recommend it outright. Typically the reading level is fairly advanced. It's probably at about a ninth grade reading level., Yes, it is written in the nineteenth century florid manner making the subject material appear abundantly romantic, but it is a good read and, for the most part, accurate. Yes. modern-day scholarship would indicate variations but, as said before, on the whole, correct. The style is enjoyable and reads quickly. I actually would recommend it in a heartbeat., This was a great read and very informative, a fine historical account. Try Baby Azure by Lloyd Albritton and other writings..., Amazing Traditional this was the best book I really loved reading it. It was so well written I actually felt like I was there in the thicker of things. What I actually really enjoyed was the history this was genuine, it was not a painted story of untruths. I would recommend it to all ages to learn if you are into our great countries forefathers this is a very authentic version and i also have read other books about our country in the 1800's but to date this was the most interesting., One of the better Traditional western read

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