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In case you are buying a fabulous book which has a tasty blend of laughter, romance, tears and new beginnings, then this is most definitely the book for you. If you are a Christmas Grinch without an ounce of festive cheer in you … well read it anyway. With this problem (I’m a Grinch) you merely find you love it.

When Emma’s partner Pete disperses with the woman just before Christmas, she thinks that this is the worst of the woman problems. Until, that is, she heads to the shop to buy the necessary supplies to drown her sorrows and quickly gets knocked of the woman bike. Suffering life transforming injuries, Emma has no option other than to leave her London home and return to her old community and the safe care of her Grandmother. But she is no ordinary grandmother and Emma’s is not any ordinary family. Much like the woman mother before her, Emma had been trying to forget her roots, to ignore the pull of the old family formula book in the wish of living a ‘normal’ life without all of the baggage that comes with being a Halloway. But Emma soon comes to learn that life really is nothing without a little magic.

From your very beginning as a reader you find yourself drawn into Emma’s excessively dramatic world. Battling relationship woes and avoiding the woman slightly eccentric family, Emma has been working as a journalist writing articles on the traditional aspects of cooking, an interest instilled within her from the woman time living at Hope Cottage. But when the woman accident leaves her not capable of looking after herself, the woman leg and arm busted and all of her senses rewired in the most remarkable of ways. Everything she loved is now out of her reach and this is captured so effectively in Lily Graham’s writing. It must be a genuinely awful feeling to have a passion for food but not manage to taste anything. A wonderous love of the views and smells of food but not be able to see evidently or smell anything. The scent thing may be a bonus given than the woman broken arm and leg and lack of balance make it challenging to shower, but it is a truly unenviable position to be in.

Despite her woes, or maybe increasing them, the injuries pressure Emma to return to the village in which she was raised – the village she had run away from in order to escape the impossible to achieve love she feels for local resident Plug Allen. The Allen’s and the Halloway’s have a very darker history, one which the Allen’s appear unable to forgive and forget, and as a result any relationship between the two children was impossible. But can age and a little distance make either of them see sense and can Emma rekindle a romance that never quite started with the person she feels is the love of her life?

Well… possibly. But then she did not count on meeting the woman Grandmother’s lodger, Sandro. Sandro runs the local Tapas Hut and has unlimited patience for Emma, despite her moods. From their very first meeting he or she gets under Emma’s pores and skin, his being the first face she truly views in focus since the accident. He could be warm and funny where she is testy and often cool. Easy to forgive when you think of the woman predicament. But is there more to their occasional clashes, almost always of Emma’s making, than meets the eye?

I really enjoyed the way in which the author has weaved in a very refined factor of magic into the story. There is not any downright statement that we are usually in the existence of a group of witches, although that is surely what is intended. The recipes that the Halloway family make are as much about wish as they are guarantee, and possibly it is the power of belief, or superstition, which is the key to the recipe’s success far more than it is magic. But what is clear is that when a Halloway bakes, odd things start to happen, and a price must always be paid.

I loved the characters within the book, especially Emma’s Grandmother Evie and her two Fantastic Aunts, that are all wonderfully eccentric and bigger than life characters. The women definitely principle the roost in this book, quite right too, and for once the notion of the matriarch is strong and dominates the Halloway family line, something not all possible suitors are happy about. However , it is possibly also due to the strong female characters in this book that the feuds continue way beyond what is reasonable. We females do appear to like to hold a grudge now…

With some of the story told in flashbacks to Emma’s childhood, we learn a lot more about the woman and her family. Associated with the conflict which brought on the rift between the family members of Whistling, and the past which will eventually condition Emma’s future. And it is a joy to see her slowly recover, to rediscover a love for baking and perhaps find out something special in herself which she isn’t planning on, even though to everyone else it’s as basic as the nose on her face. Perhaps Emma has her double eyesight to thank for that one.

This is a beautifully crafted story of family feuds and forgiveness; misunderstanding and suspicion; love and a little little bit of festive magic. How could you resist?, Emma's boyfriend dumps her in a awful way and soon after she's involved in an awful incident. There's no way she can care for herself, because she's broken several bones and fell onto her mind. That's why she results to Hope Cottage, the woman family home. Evie, Emma's grandmother, will take good care of her and will make sure they've always looking after the woman. Being back home will also mean seeing Plug again, the person who shattered Emma's heart because of a family feud. Will she be able to handle being around your pet?

Evie has a lodger, something Emma didn't know. Sandro is a The spanish language cook and fits right into the household. Evie's cooking is special, something that runs in family members, and many people take advantage of this, but it's an ability Emma can't let herself believe in. Sandro helps Emma to get herself back together again, but Jack has also shown an interest in her once more. Will Emma's heritage stand in her way like before or will she finally be loved for who she is?

Christmas at Hope Cottage is a heartwarming magical story. I immediately loved Emma. She is sweet and talented, but tries to hide the woman passion for food and family members way of preparing it because of how people are treating the woman. She's lost herself completely because of her incident, which is sad, but it also gives the woman a opportunity to get more healing done. She does not have only wounds on the surface, there are deep emotional scars that could use some extra tender love and care as well. Her family has something special, but Emma tries to deny hers and I couldn't wait to determine if she'd eventually embrace it, and therefore herself, or not. It's a wonderful topic for a book and I really enjoyed reading about it.

Lily Graham's writing has a nice easy flow. She writes about the power of hope, family curses, true love and eccentricity in a fantastic enchanting way. She combines this with mouthwatering descriptions of food and stunning men, a ideal mix. Christmas at Hope Cottage is a terrific exciting story that has plenty of charm, sparkles and romantic feelings. I absolutely loved this amazing book., I was at first interested in this book by its ever so quaintly stunning cover. I have a bit of a thing for country cottages and love Christmas. However, I am pleased to announce this was not merely a shallow situation of cover crush, but also one of story attraction too.

I loved this magical and whimsical history or family, feuds, techniques, gossip, baking, love and romance.

Filled with some wonderful characters, including a number of eccentric lady, like myself, how can I not fall in love with this guide and the characters within it?

Xmas at Hope Cottage is an overall heart-warming and feel-good story which i carefully enjoyed. It would go well with a mug of something hot and freshly cooked goodies. Remember, food not only fuels the body, but is also great for the soul.

When you enjoyed this, then I also recommend A new Cornish Christmas by this author, as I really enjoyed that too. I love how A Cornish Xmas is set on Cornwall, where I live now, and Xmas at Hope Cottage is set in Yorkshire, where I was raised and will be moving back to in a few years.

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