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This can be a charming story of a woman and her lady friends who get with each other once a year in the first week of December to catch upward on all the activities of the past yr. Many of the women have known the other for a
long time and some of these lives are interconnected.

In this yearly meeting everyone must bring a number of cookies for each and every member (there are 12) as well as the recipe.

Typically the book is divided into chapters with one part for each and every member including her cookie recipe.

Some of the events in the lives of the women are described in an extremely dramatic and saccharine manner. I purchased this book from Amazon because my local book club got decided to read it for the December meeting., A dozen friends, twelve recipes, a dozen stories...
We have to admit We expected this to be just another `chick book'. But amazingly enough this book was original & refreshing. Although it did have its instances of over-the-top bonding (the dancing scene), the book makes upward for it in extreme scenes that touch the heart, soul, and thoughts. The characters are well done as seen through the narrator's eyes. Typically the stories of each person are touching and mainly believable. Surprisingly enough, many of the best parts of the book are based in reality. The addition of food factoids only provides to the originality of the book. Take the time to read this one; you won't regret it!

Keep in mind that it is really an emotion filled read. 4. 5* of 5*, I read this book for a book club We recently joined, this will be my first meeting. The book was very enjoyable. We found myself being very curious about how the narrator Marnie knew all the women and how their lives were intertwined. I could feel the love, pleasure and excitement of the party and how it set the tone for the holiday season. We loved how the recipes were included. Good read., This has got to be one of the most convoluted books I've read in a long time. It was nice having each character represented by way of a cookie recipe, but there have been sections where the circulation of the story came to a screeching stop while the reader endured the history of wheat or grain, almonds, baking soda vs . baking powder, etc. While these baking facts were interesting, they detracted from the storyline and chopped the book up into frantic episodes.

There were other inconsistencies not captured during the editing process, such as talking about the musical group "The Monkees" as "The Monkeys" and one particularly confusing discourse on eyecolor. Luke supposedly got mixture brown/blue eyes. Over the following sentence he had green eyes. Later he got glass green eyes.

Typically the concept of this book was great. I got high hopes. The writer, Ann Pearlman, was nominated for both the Pulitzer and the National Guide Award for a previous memoir. What happened? Why was this book seemingly chucked together?, My book golf club tries to read books in December which have the word Christmas in the title or theme. This specific book was like almost all of the books we have read keep away from; it was nothing more than ok. (Some of our options have been horrible and I'm ready to fall our December practice. ) I didn't find myself related with these women all that much even though I should have since We am in the primary character's age group. I can think of one man I understand who would enjoy this book., The characters aren't well developed. While reading you wonder "which person is this? " A lot of stuff going on, and it could be an interesting book, but I found it lacking. It also isn't especially "Christmas-y". Yeah, they are making Christmas cookies, but that is about all the Christmas theme there is. However, recipes are included (except for the chocolate truffles, which could have been good) and am have made some, which were good.

Overall, it isn't awful, but I have read better. I needed that feel good Christmas experience, and this didn't do it. I wish I got felt closer and much more involved in the characters, but I came across myself trying to remember who was who and asking a lot of questions about what was heading on., There were too many characters to keep track of. Not just the 12 members of the Cookie Club, but children, husbands, past people, etc. Required to draw a flow chart to keep up with them all. Before too long, I provided up and just kept reading and tried to enjoy not knowing who they were talking about.
Before starting my read, I thought each chapter would be advised by the person presenting the cookie. Once I realized that was not the case, I was a little disappointed. Marnie, the web host and main character, was like the axel of the wheel that everyone else revolved around.
I did enjoy the recipes and plan on trying out those hateful pounds - although they seem kind of tough., Adored the book and the recipes which I cannot wait to test! The tale was so well written loved it!

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