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This may not be an annotated edition in the way readers might expect. It is simply the text with some biographical information at the end. If you are expecting explanatory information about details in the text, this is not for you., This at the published version of "A Christmas Carol" is wonderfully illustrated and an complete joy to see. This is the first time I check out this book. I expected a revision of Hollywood's version of this tale. Obviously, no movie can do justice to any publication or novel; this guide is no exception. What is excellent about this version is that it provides brief history of the historical background that Dickens' wrote his work in and the history of this timeless classic. There could be a minor ( and I mean minor issue) on two of the illustrations: Frank Cratchit carrying Tiny Harry on his shoulders and Scrooge raising his salary. The particular Kindle version of all the illustrations are recreated perfectly. They are partly duplicated on the top third portion and look like the top third of the illustration is above the the complete of the image in the Kindle 3G Key pad version. I feel that the publisher should look into this. This is no reason to avoid purchasing this version. Again, this version is fantastic!, This was read to me every Christmas Eve when I was too young to read. Later we got the record by Barrymore reading it. I re-read it every Christmas season, and even though the tale truly reflects the hardness of this time in England in the 1800's I realize that such hardships still exist in much of the planet today. That is truly worth reading by individuals of any faith ( or those who have no faith). Much of the beliefs of A Christmas Jean seems to apply for any nation, any time. The illustrations in this publication are charming. I had not seen them before and they increase the charm of the story. Every adult should take time to check out this tale of the reclamation of Ebenezer Scrooge., Even through the years since written, you will find a Scrooge in every bodies life, although, it takes many forms, a person, the government, or just a family member. The particular root theme rings on as the decades shake on, the spirit of Christmas rings true. Dickens captures the essence of the lowly under paid to the higher do it yourself absorbed Scrooges through
out their populace today. The main concept of the the Christmas spirits breaking the selfish Scrooge what life had to teach him but closed eyes only to the color of precious metal. Lost his way and finally found it. The particular shame is the Scrooge in the 21st millennium is the large business and banking business that ride on the backs of the poor and needy and do not get a
visit form the spirits. But , tiny Tim said it best... "God bless all of us, everyone. " This is the true meaning of the book, which may one day change this God deprived world to see
slightly charity goes a long way and makes the world a much better spot to live., Beautifully bound book. Original manuscript is interesting., Great abridgment of this classic book with beautiful color artwork.

This specific retains Dicken's original words, while shortening up each chapter to be a bit more friendly to sitting down and reading aloud with the family.

To give you a sense of how much it is abbreviated, my 12 year old son (who is a voracious reader) prefers the unabridged version, but my 4 year old son really is able to sit through a chapter a evening.: )

For now, it is a good balance for our family, but in 4-5 years you will probably return to the original., We are not sure just what I was expecting with this book, but this wasn't really it. While it does shorten the novel, and it adds a few pictures, it doesn't really simplify the language much, and the pictures were just ok and there were only a handful of them. I guess I was expecting a book that was a little more simplified from Dicken's original work, and would have thought it would have contained a fair amount more pictures, since this is tailored for a young reader. I check out this to my 7 and six yr olds, and they had trouble following along in parts due to the difficulty in English level. I want to read the timeless classics for them, to get them accustomed to a lot more difficult levels of the British language, employed by the freelance writers, but would have loved this more if it had been a little bit better to read. I found myself substituting words several times, as I knew they would have no idea what the writer meant. And it definitely might use more pictures. It was a good introduction to both of them, to this holiday typical, but just not what I expected. Also, the publication is HUGE. I thought it would be the size of a regular children's picture book, but it is truly massively large... much bigger than expected. I am unsure if there are measurements on the description, so I may have missed this fine detail, but it was just much bigger than we were expecting, also it doesn't fit on any of our shelves... not even our bottom large ones..., A new Christmas Carol (1843) by Charles Dickens 5 stars★ and a favorite♥

A new Christmas Carol has recently been a book I've recently been trying to read within the past few Christmases. I'd start it, but then never finished it. Third times was a charm. I've lastly finished it and feel glad I read it. It was a good read and after this a favorite.

"For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Xmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Themself. "

I really loved Charles Dickens's "Ghost of an Idea. " I have watched many different movies which may have some form of this story. I loved reading this equally as much as watching one of the movie adaptions. This was my first Dickens publication that I've read. His / her writing style in this was poetic I thought. The story is short and broken off in Staves. I think my favorite part was the description of Christmas Day time activity during Stave 3: The Second of 3 Spirits.

I'll definitely be rereading this in the future and will attempt to read some of Dickens's other books too. I enjoyed this free amazon kindle illustrated version. It was a nice touch to see the pictures that were designed for this original tale.

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