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I really like this book because it is a short demonstration of two clashing opinions. It is a very good destination to start for anyone who is achieving for what is true. There are plenty of books out there which are one viewpoint or the other. Since the book is brief, and the positions sincerely presented, We provide five stars.

Douglas Wilson is committed to an approach in apologetics known as presuppositionalism. Somewhat than debate individual parts of evidence, he would seek to look at what his opponent is presupposing in order to come to his conclusions. Wilson considers that Hitchens, as an atheist, does not have any ground of certitude in making any moral claims, or some kind of claims of knowledge. Wilson would argue that an atheist is borrowing the presuppositions of Christianity in order to make his or the woman point.

Hitchens argues more directly, challenging Wilson by the use of proof. For example, science has shown that humans have evolved. Therefore , humans have been around for at least 100, 000 years. For almost all of those years, humankind suffered tremendously while God did nothing to alleviate that suffering. Hitchens is very keen on Ockham's razor as a way to clarify things. Exactly why not look at the most immediate and plausible explanation as to why things happen? Don't invent fanciful supernatural explanations, which are no explanations whatsoever. Similarly, don't invent bizarre theological/philosophical systems like presuppositionalism, which it can be argued is a concession that Christianity can't meet the challenge of proof. Rather than argue the issue on the basis of evidence, the presuppositionalist demands on presupposing the great religious motifs of bible verses, namely, the self-sufficient Our god, the creation of the universe, the fall of humankind, etc. Again, Hitchens would argue, these are religious assertions, not proof.

In conclusion, this is a nice short summary of the debate between atheism and theism., Hitchens is my rock., Quick, pleasant read. I saw the documentary " Collision, " that was made with footage from this book tour. The two authors continuing their debate at the many book signings.

If you have seen Collision, or watched either of these two men online, there isn't very much new here. However, it's nice to achieve the foundation arguments put together into a single place.

For those who have NOT seen Collision, I recommend reading this first, as the book tour debates start with the ideas presented here. They developed their arguments further as the tour went on, and Collision shows this., What units this text apart is the courtesy which the authors extend to each other. It succinctly records the main challenge which Mr. Wilson extends to Mr. Hitchens throughout their number of debates, of which this is only one; that is, what objective schedule does athiesm have to define goodness? In fairness, Mr. Hitchens cannot answer this question, thus dropping the debate. Readers are encouraged to watch other debates of the series on Youtube which catch a few of Mr. Hitchens' better arguments., Christopher Hitchens, an outspoken atheist and anti-theist, created a written argument with the witty guía and theologian, Douglas Wilson. The debate was financed by Christianity Today. Typically the assigned topic of argument was "Is Christianity good for the planet? "

Hitchens argues the negative, proposing that Christianity (or any other religion) is not necessary for morality and this a great deal of evil is regularly perpetrated in the name of God. Furthermore, a Our god like the God of the Bible is absolutely nothing more, Hitchens says, than a praise-hungry tyrant who uses and abuses people to accomplish whatever he or she wants. Douglas Wilson states that Christianity is good because it is objectively true, changes peoples' hearts for the better, and gives people at enmity with Our god a means to be reconciled to God. Inside each of the exchanges, he reveals the incongruity of Hitchens' beliefs, in this Hitchens makes many moral judgments but has no objective moral standard to attract. He is fighting as if you will find a Our god, while denying His living. Hitchens was struggling to give a reply to this challenge.
Typically the full text of the debate can be obtained on Christianity Today's website. The full text of that exchange has been compiled to the book Is Christianty Good for the World? by Rule Press. Each author is very articulate and a joy to read. At 72 well-written pages, it is easily a book you could read in one seated, and am recommend doing so, followed by a slower more thoughtful perusing. Typically the content was superb.

In my opinion, this exchange is SHOULD reading for the Orlando and atheist alike. This specific really exchange represented the clash of two absolutely opposing world systems and the foundations of each were revealed. Read the book slowly trying to understand each side's position. Both men were respectful, but jabbingly witty, in the exchange. Wilson was careful to rearticulate each of Hitchens' points and respond. Wilson was constantly on topic and bombarded the heart of atheism, trying to reveal both the irrationality of Hitchens' values as well as uncover his hatred toward Our god. Hitchens', Wilson argues, is acting and arguing as if there is a God (who he hates), while denying His living. Hitchens was consistent in his attacks against Christianity and religion. Wilson replied well with each of Hitchens' points, while Hitchens, it seems, avoided answering Wilson's main point.

I think this book should be required reading for all Orlando apologists as Wilson models how to argue in a way that honors God. He modeled 2 Tim 2: 23-25 and 1 Peter 3: fifteen in the argumentation. Wilson contended so that would not offer the atheist his presuppositions, constantly attempting to bring The lord's revelation of Himself in the Bible to bear on the nonbeliever. He or she revealed that what the Bible says about the nonbeliever is true (knows God but refuses to honor Him as Our god - Rom 1: 21). And Wilson offered Hitchens and the readers the solution, God's mercy made available through Jesus' death on the cross. Wilson proceeded to go toe-to-toe with the most effective fallen minds in the world today, and God's Phrase was demonstrated to be sufficient., If you are a fan of Hitch like I am, then you will like this book. It is a balanced and affordable look at if god matters. Does the advantages of faith outweigh the death and destruction of religion?, Although another interesting debate on theism and Christianity, this book lacks coherency and thoroughness. Is actually a really interesting read, but it is my personal viewpoint that debates do not take good form in literature. The arguments are a little too long and scatterbrained to really understand the true turmoil of their disagreement.

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