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Comprehensive almost to the point of overcooking it. Presents typically the the why and typically the necessity of the incarnation and the cross within a way that could leave no doubt since to the truth of which Christ alone could provide redemption and salvation, and only through the mix., This has been a good go through so far as I am still working my way through. It is rich in content and easy to read which can be good with regard to both the beginner and advanced theologian. The doctrine of Christ Alone is very foundational for all theology and understanding., We are quickly approaching the 500-year anniversary of the event of which individuals often date typically the Reformation returning to — Matn Luther’s nailing of their 95 thesis to typically the doors of Wittenberg. Because we approach this anniversary, there are particular to be many books and articles composed on the value of and reflections concerning the Reformation and its impact on our theology today. And correctly so.

A New Sequence

One such books comes to us because the fourth within a series from Zondervan. The series is named “The 5 Solas Series: Just what the Reformers Taught … and Why It Continue to Matters. ” I evaluated the three previous quantities in this series here, in this article, and here

Now, allow me to introduce to you typically the fourth in the series, written by SBTS professor of Christian Theology, Stephen Wellum — Christ Alone: Typically the Uniqueness of Jesus since Savior. In the introduction to this volume, Wellum helpfully puts all five of the solas of the Reformation into perspective:

Reformation theology is often summarized from the five solas. Scripture only (sola Scriptura) stands because the conventional principle of typically the Reformation and the base of all theology. God's glory alone (soli Deo gloria) functions as a capstone for all Reformation theology, connecting its various parts to God's one objective for creating this world and humanity in it. In among these two solas, one other three emphasize that Lord has chosen and served to save us simply by his sovereign grace only (sola gratia), through belief alone (sola fide), which usually is grounded in and through Christ alone (solus Christus) (19).

In this specific present volume, Wellum zeroes in on solus Christus, the key wheel, since Wellum puts it, of some other four solas and typically the heart of Christian theology. In this volume, which is not a full-orbed Christology, Wellum focuses on 2 primary aspects of the biblical Christology — Typically the exclusive identity of Christ great adequate work. Wellum states:

" Simply place, Christ alone must hook up all the doctrines of our theology because Christ alone stands as typically the cornerstone of all typically the purposes and plans of God himself. When all of us misinterpret who Christ is and what he really does in his life, loss of life, and resurrection, then almost all other doctrines will probably suffer (24).

The Structure

The book is comprised of 3 parts, every containing 4 chapters.

Component 1 looks at typically the storyline of Scripture within order to establish typically the exclusive identity of Christ. In these chapters, typically the author discusses the total storyline of Scripture very first, followed by chapters within the self-witness of Christ plus the confirmation of that witness from the apostles. The ultimate chapter in this first part begins a transition coming from a focus on Christ's person to a focus on their work by looking from the incarnation.

Part a couple of turns to the topic of the sufficiency of Christ in order to decide the type and necessity of his sacrifice. In this specific part are chapters about Christ as our perfect prophet-priest-king, the sufficiency of the atonement, and 2 chapters on penal substitution.

The final part, Component 3, looks at the reason why the Reformers taught Christ alone and just how the previous five hundred years have formulated a different cultural circumstance for us today.

In typically the words of Wellum: " From beginning to end, this specific book confesses using the Reformers that Jesus Christ bears the exclusive identity of God the Son incarnate and has accomplished a good all-sufficient work to meet God's eternal plans and establish God's eternal empire on earth" (27).


In this book, Wellum offers the reader a great look at why typically the Reformers taught Christ By yourself, and why we must do so today. Each and every chapter in this publication is an incredible precious metal mine of biblical truth and careful theological study that lifts the visitors hearts and minds to understand more of typically the uniqueness and sufficiency of Christ — an comprehending that does not stop there, but leads us to worship, live out there, and proclaim the excellencies of Christ alone. Because with all of typically the volumes in this series, you will do oneself a great service to turn your hearts and minds to the solas of the Reformation, certain solus Christus.

According to FTC regulations, I would such as to thank Zondervan web publishers for providing me with a review copy of this book as a swap with regard to a fair and sincere review., It should become no surprise, at this stage within 2017, that this yr is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Typically the year that Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Chapel, typically the act that sparked typically the Reformation. During the Reformation there was a resurgence within theological understanding summarized within the teachings of the 5 Solas. These Five Solas are by scripture By yourself, by faith alone, simply by grace alone, by Christ alone, to the Beauty of God Alone.

These kinds of pillars of the Reformation remain alive today intervalle yet they need to be re-established because the centrality of what Christians consider. To that ending Zondervan has produced new series of books called, The 5 Solas Series. Each publication in the series examines one of the Five Solas. Typically the one under review these days is that of, Christ Alone: The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior: The particular Reformers Taught… And The reason why it Still Matters, simply by Stephen Wellum.

Stephen Wellum is a noted scholar in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is extremely well-versed in this topic. Christ Alone, is divided directly into two parts. The first part studies by Christ only in the context of scripture and history as the second part Studies simply by grace alone in typically the context of the church. Each of these chapters is jam-packed full of exemplary exegesis and application to the modern reader. This publication is exclusive in the feeling that it bridges typically the gap between scholastic and popular level study.

Furthermore this book may become the best treatments about the topic of just how salvation is through Christ alone ever to become produced in short type. Therefore I highly recommend it to every Christian who desires to develop within their faith, be this Pastor, Bible student, Sunday school, or Congregant that was trying to grow within their faith since they study the value of how God’s love demonstrated by their grace in the work of Jesus Christ is the only method for salvation from our sin.

This book was provided to me free of charge from Zondervan within exchange for an unbiased, sincere review.

Christ Alone: Typically the Uniqueness of Jesus since Savior: The particular Reformers Taught… And Why it Continue to Matters

© 2017 Sophie Wellum

Publisher: Zondervan

Web page Count: 352 Pages

ISBN: 978-0310515746, My endorsement: “Steve Wellum is my favorite living theologian because he masterfully works with exegesis, biblical theology, traditional theology, systematic theology, and practical theology culminating within doxology. He does it once again in this book about sola Christus. ”
—Andy Naselli, assistant professor of New Legs and theology, Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis; elder, Bethlehem Baptist Cathedral

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