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Chosin: Hold the Line is a vibrantly illustrated history about a company of Marine corps delivered to the Chosin Reservoir throughout the winter of 1950. Required to face waves of North Korean soldiers and Chinese " volunteers, " Fox Company struggles against overwhelming odds even as promised reinforcements are no place to be found. With this frozen hell, the cool is just as fatal as enemy rounds, but the Marines remain stalwart.

Whenever Battalion realizes their efforts are hopeless, they are ordered to withdraw to the coastline. The fight continues as the foe is relentless, and the Marines are given no respite during their trip.

With a compelling plot and an outstanding pace, Chosin: Hold the Line will fulfill all but the most jaded reader. Whilst the character development is slight, the format of the graphic novel in general does not lend itself to too much fine detail in that regard. On the forefront here are the illustrations, which realistically show the horrors of war. The characters themselves are presented with exaggerated face features, which while lacking in overall verisimilitude, is really quite useful for keeping track of who's who. Additionally, the weapons and equipment are faithfully delivered and instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with that era of warfare.

The storyline also takes the time to consider the perspective of some of the foe forces, adding a runner aspect to what would normally be limited to unknown hordes swarming the Marine corps. There is an additional brief story, Towards the Sea, which follows two young Korean refugees caught in the middle of the discord, a summary of the Chosin marketing campaign, and a number of maps and photographs included, which I found unexpected but very much welcome. I am eager to more work from Meyer and his fellow workers.

4. 5 out of 5 stars, I've read several histories of the Korean War and a couple of works about Chosin. This is unfinished but it stands on it's own and provides a powerful view of the eschew made. Worth every penny it costs and every minute it takes to read -- at least twice., The powerful graphic novel that shows what sort of war has many encounters from your sea, to the conscripted Chinese language, and refugees caught in the middle., I've never read a comic dependent on actual events, but I'm so glad I picked this one upward. You only learn so much about American historical past in class and textbooks. I love how this story was presented from multiple points of view, and the depth of these two stories. I highly recommend this one., Leckie's March to Fame, The final Stand of Fox Company, and Colder As compared to Hell. They're all here in this wonderful book that brings the storyline of the Breakout alive. Very well done!, Veterans, Inc has done it again. This book is a perfect followup to their amazing documentary by the same name. Well worth the money (for he book IN ADDITION TO the DVD! ), Art work is amazing. I recently sensed like the story was challenging to keep up with. Good work overall., Fantastic read. Amazing artwork. Painless to have lost in this history. Looking forward to future work from these guys. Very recommended.

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