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After the Beast, I was hopeful this series had recovered the footing. (So hopeful, We preordered The Chosen) Yes, I used to be wrong. So let's have this out of the way.


I am a huge fan of the BDB series, but after the first six textbooks, I believe it should be taken out of the romance category. For one, people reading romance dig the Happy Ever Following the first six textbooks delivered. While I love how Ward has expanded the plot and has found a way to bring closure to the war, this love history was unfulfilling at best.

Poor Xcor and Layla were downright cheated when it came to the steamy parts. It felt like a rushed romp rather than a joining of hearts. Mix that along with the Placeholder Selena, and yeah, where is the love Ward? Don't even get me started on V and Jane. V was my favorite from the beginning but cheating on your bonded either completely discounts how strong Ward is selling the the " bonded male" thing or is pushing V through the angst mill at the expense of his HEA. Either way, not romantic. Not even hot.

I understand Ward is a character writer and I would ride that roller coaster any day if the characters where true to themselves. But Qhuinn? Really? WTH?!? This is simply not the Qhuinn I had come to love. He is past brutal when he discovers Layla loves Xcor. Exactly what he yells at Layla and Blay is unforgivable. When he points the gun at Layla while she is holding youngsters? - No. Too far. I used to be hoping for a breakthrough for Qhuinn in this. Similar to this madness would lead for some deeper thought concerning himself, but no. It was simply terminated as a temper fit and forgiven without priced at him anything except a brief apology.

And Tohr? Different person, same situation. I don't recall him or her ever speaking as unattractive to a brother as he did to Layla. He or she gives the King (this lifelong friend) the little finger and provides up his position in the brotherhood to kill Xcor because... well this is never fully explained. The sole explanation he offers Wrath is that Weslie's birthday was a few days ago and that put him in a bad mood. Same false peace offering and quick apology and everyone is good.

Apparently there is no sacred ground here. Striving a gun at the mother of your young ones while she is holding them, betraying your lifelong friend, and cheating on your shellan when you are intended to be a fused male, are all great drama, but again, NOT romantic. NOT sexy.

Thus really my advice is this:
If the enjoy the drama and are not concerned with getting a Joyful Ever After with romance, read on! Ward is an exceptional writer and has more than proven she can pull the mental strings of her readers. Her world is captivating and the stakes are always high.

However, if you are looking for the romantic closure found in the first six books, I would wait until the book releases and read the reviews before you jump in with a brain packed with nostalgia. For better or for worse, this is not the same brotherhood she started with - This is not your mother's BDB.

Joyful Reading., 5 stars is automatic for any book that keeps me up earlier midnight reading because We have to see what’s going to happen. Im very fastidious about my beauty sleep. The Selected was fairly fast paced with lots of mental drama – like of the daytime TV variety. I can’t say that I liked all the characters; in fact We would characterize The Selected as “the bag of jerks” installment as so many of the men characters were acting like ginormous misogynistic jerks. (In my head, I'm using another word rather than jerk - which begins with a D and precedes Van Dyke)

The main objective of The Chosen is the Layla and Xcor romance…. which was nice. I’ve never truly been in the BDB for the romance; I prefer the overall history and I like (most of) the characters generally. So I wasn’t swooning over Layla and Xcor – but given all the jerks running around – Xcor stood out there as particularly decent. He or she was a very sympathetic character and I’m happy he got his HEA. I’ve never had a problem with Layla and We was glad she ultimately grew a collection towards the end. I was frustrated with her in the beginning – basically taking Qhuinn’s crap – but that was because she was feeling so responsible and thinking she earned his treatment.

Qhuinn on the other hand was a Degree 10 King of the Jerks. His behavior was completely off the rails unacceptable. I’m calling half truths on his excuse that he was “terrified because his young were in danger”. Because his young weren’t in danger. The particular “danger” was months in the past as practically nothing bad happened and they also were properly safe, that will suggest his assessment of “danger” was questionable at best. Im not sure what Qhuinn’s deal was – other than being a thwarted control freak or having a clinically substantial emotional lack of stability. If having been genuinely concerned about his young, he would not have got the reaction he did to his daughter – no way, no how. Concerned my tail. Lucky for him his “apology” to Layla was so spectacular because his behavior was on some levels unforgivable. He did give Blay an chance to shine, although I don’t understand how Blay was able to forgive him as easily as he did either.

Beth aka The Queen. We want to send her a memo to remind her that she is the Queen. I was appalled that she granted Qhuinn approach her the way he did. Complete stop. Unacceptable.
Wrath aka The California king – managed to continue to be reasonable and decent. Genuinely worth the title and the position.

Then we have Tohr – also a Level 10 jerk. Indeed he had a “reason” driving him to disobey the King’s order and obsess over some sort of vengeance. That “reason” did not require him or her to be a bluff. misogynist jerk to Layla. She was right – his Wellsie would be so proud.

And let us not forget Whiny McWhiny Pants aka Vishous also a Level 10 jerk. Poor baby is so under-appreciated and neglected. Hello Jane is wearing herself to the bone (which is incredibly impressive for a ghost) taking care of all the sick and injured…. and she does not have enough time to think about V. What’s he to do except get drunk off his tush and think about cheating. I mean Jane are never free – there’s only her and Manny and nurse Ehlena on medical staff. Oh wait as a trained paramedic…. V. might get off his fat, self-absorbed rear end and GO HELP! Then he could spend some quality time with his mate in a shared activity for the greater good and then maybe DISCUSS TO HER about needing them to incorporate some downtime.

The Band of Bastards – Thank God for them; we are frantically in need of some male leads.

His Excellency, Eminence, Lassiter – Totally Not a jerk! Lassiter is heading to rock his new position. I can’t say I was ever a fan of the Trez and Selena's s history; however continuing it with the Selena/Therese twist may prove interesting. It’s definitely going to be a showy coup for Lassiter – quite the strong statement as it were- highlighting his increased abilities. Also Trez is NOT a jerk – which has become my new barometer for wanting to see a character thriving and happy.

Throe Yeah he’s a jerk but who cares. He’s evil he’s supposed to be a jerk…. and he’s type of an equal opportunity jerk, not even a level 12 at that, and regrettably he’s a boring jerk. I liked his areas of the story least – who knew evil could be so boring.

Looking forward to the next sequel to see what Lassiter has up his outter also to get to know the Band of Bastards better. Could not proper care one iota what Vishous gets up to – but I’m betting he’s going to overthink Jo – which will be how he finds out she’s – whatever she is -I think about to transition., I was so excited about this history. Trying to find reading every individual one of the Dark-colored Dagger Brotherhood series for years and enjoyed them all. There was so much build up for the Selected, and I couldn't wait around, so when it ultimately came out I spent almost all nighttime and daytime reading. The particular story was amazing and the only reason I did not give it a five star review is due to ending. I didn't like how after Quinn was so disrespectful to Layla, and what a difficult time he gave her if he found out about what she have been doing, he could just make a grand gesture at the end and all is forgiven. I feel how arrogant, disrespectful, and borderline abusive he was with her, he should have at least had a conversation with her and make up to proving having been okay with her partnership. The way in which it was done caused it to be look like the only reason having been ok with her relationship was because Blay gave him or her an ultimatum. With that aside I would still recommend this book, and would suggest reading the complete series., I love these textbooks and find I are not able to wait for the next one. I like the way the plot intertwines with the other brotherhood and am now concerned with Vishous and Jane, will he really cheat on her behalf. Will she notice what is going on to their relationship. Will they be fighting another entity very soon.
What is going to happen with the Angel, will he find their own female, is he really the mother god. I need to know when the next textbooks is going.
Whenever I first read these books, I read them back to back and now have to wait around when a new one comes out. In fact I think Let me start them all over again.

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