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Personally i think so grateful that I actually found Linda Huber. I actually have now read all four of her textbooks -- in TWO DAYS! The lady really knows how to grab you and never let you go. Typically the complexity of her works of fiction never cause confusion, as she takes her viewers carefully by the hands. You know you are now being taken to a place you can trust, that has a real-life environment, but a unique and vivid logic. It is Ms. Huber's carefully-wrought world we enter with the girl, and she is a faithful guide. This book, " Chosen Child", is one of her best (with " The Cool Cold Sea" remaining my favorite), and it also easily avoids the melodrama that somewhat marred, for me, " Typically the Attic Room", though the plot here is still deliciously dark and full of lurking peril. Once again, it is just a mother's overwhelming, all-consuming love for " the girl daughter" that drives the narrative. And, while men are still cast as saviors and support-systems and protectors, more frequently, they die. They die almost immediately forgotten, un-mourned, few misgivings, not dead PEOPLE really, just bodies no extended in the way. Although their deaths do cause collateral difficulties. Of these dead men, one, in particular, the first, in whose death sets the story running, is a problem. What to do with his not terribly important remains. Having been a mother or father and a husband, though his accidental murder passes easily enough, if strongly. He is dead through no-fault of his own, his (un-mourned, un-missed and soon forgotten), death is the result of an ill-begun affair by his wife, who is not entirely unsympathetic. His dying is the unfortunate, un-planned results of his wife's extramarital relationship (an affair she has, for several months, recently been conducting; with an extremely bogus, panicky sort (a family man, as well, as it will turn out there, who -- SPOILER WARN -- also dies). Right after the husband's accidental murder, the lovers decide, somewhat than find someone to clarify it to and deal with the consequences, decide to cover it upward (a questionable decision, too hastily made) but this unfortunate decision motors the story onward.

Ms. Huber's novels are evidently affected by Alfred Hitchcock (" Vertigo", " Psycho" ), Jane Austin (" Take great pride in And Prejudice", etc. ), Lillilan Moriarty (" A new Husband's Secret"? ) and Gylian Flynn (" Gone Girl" ), although Ms. Huber's compassion for JUST ABOUT ALL her characters, a lack of jadedness and an absence of malice, sets her quite apart. One gets the feeling that she both understands, and sympathizes with, all of her figures. Her muse seems always to deliver her yet another " Mother-Daughter In Peril" story with each spiritual post, and you either accept that or you don't. I fought it a bit during " Attic", but have decidedly succumbed. Her mother-Daughter pairs are her, and her figures, MOST important relationships, bar NONE. And, even though all of the other relationships in her guide mother's lives suffer because of this of this " girl obsession", usually resulting in divorce, estrangement, dismissal or dying, these unimportant-to-her " other people" never deter the single-mindedness of the writer, or of her lead, always a female character (to be a mum, one would need to be, I suppose) who is either always or eventually a single-mother (deemed preferable, it might seem). And, frankly, just what exactly? When the writing itself is strong, the characters THIS SPECIFIC interesting, and the narratives THIS compelling, an author is forgiven, even celebrated, on her obsessions.

I feel genuine sadness now that I have exhausted Linda Huber's personal library, and desperately hope she is hard at work on novel number five. She is a writer to keep close, to protect, to BUY rather than be GIFTED WITH or LENT-TO. This woman is working HARD to produce these effortless-seeming novels, and we must all, her growing readership, support her writing-lifestyle in any way we can. I, myself, feel BUYING the copies of her books that everyone I understand will be receiving as gifts this Christmas, because of their Kindles, or better, for their three-d libraries. I thank Linda Huber for sharing the girl craft, her art, with us. As a writer myself (playwright/screenwriter), I know how the numerous distractions, particularly of any life well existed, can interfere with the writing process, however fanatical and necessary and pleasurable. The life of an even moderately successful writer (PARTICULARLY the life of a moderately successful writer) whether self-published or agency-represented, is an odd and ever-changing one. Keeping complete solitude and the active wedding in life required to write from the immediate, is a very difficult balance to achieve, and many writer's eventually choose (or have chosen for them), one or the other. The solitude (Austin), or the wedding (Capote), and it (usually) negatively impacts the work. Wherever Linda Huber locates herself, balance-wise -- however her teeter-trotter tips -- we, her readers, must regularly let her know that we are here, we are encouraging, we are grateful and we are made better because of her work, the girl art and her commitment. Not to mention her balance., This was a nice book, suspenseful but not too much so. I don't like to provide out plots but this shows how bad decisions can cause life to spiral out of control. I found myself telling the characters not to be so ridiculous. Of course, should they hadn't been, there could have recently been no story.
I liked the closing. All's well that comes to an end well
Nice vacation book for the cruise or beach., Retained me guessing for first 3 rd of book. Closing was unexpected but gratifying. Characters are fleshed out there well. Must read, Would they get away with it? Once i thought I actually knew what happens next, something unexpected happened. I actually enjoyed this book., Good book. It has placed my attention. I was expecting a psychological thriller but would list it more as a secret type (thus the four stars). That being said, I couldn't put it down., I came across this to be a very good though unusual story; I actually could hardly put it down. It had an extremely startling beginning and shows what making one bad choice can lead to... A reasonably good person who loves her family but gets tempted and finds herself in a dilemna beyond her greatest imaginings........ really enjoyed it!, Nice story, well thought out plot., Great book!

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