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*To demonstrate how poorly written and mind-numbing this book is to read, We will write this review in the exact style of the author! *

Amazon kept recommending this book to me in the Kindle app. It had a cool cover and was only a dollar. This also said " Nationwide Best Seller" on the cover. Sold. I decided to plunk a crispy digital dollar down on the digital counter this is the Kindle fire Store.

The book starts with a foreword from the CEO of Twitter. Mark Twitterberg. It is just there to add some vague sense of reliability. It is quite short. It has next to not do with what's available. We read it. I then re-read it, again. I'm quite sure he was attempting to fit it all into 140 characters. He or she failed. He instead decided for 140 words.

Right now we get into the actual book. Other people have given this book a poor rating. Smart people. Honest people. One recurring theme in these reviews is the fact it's not so much a book, but a collection of blog posts. That would really be a huge enhance. Blogs often have editors and cohesiveness. This really is more of a rambling, one man podcast transcription.

Sentence broken phrases galore. Too many efforts at jokes. Repetitious word fragments. He likes to list things, but rather than lists he uses word fragments. Paragraphs are quick and barely coherent. He or she rambles about things that hardly sound factual or researched. Poor grammar. " ATM machine". He inserts a break between every single " paragraph".

To be fair, if he were writing a review on Amazon, paragraph breaks will help. It would help the reader follow point by point. This is not the case. This is meant to be read as a book.

We don't think I will finish this book. I actually want my dollar back. The red flag should have increased when I didn't want to find this book in other digital book stores. This is one of those quick, crappy books that is infesting the Kindle fire store. Some of those terrible self help books people write as a side bustle.

But James Altucher was smart. He must have paid somebody on Fiver several dollars to design the cover. This made it more desirable.

If you have enjoyed this review, #chooseyourself. Choose to value your time and efforts. Choose to value your brain cells. Choose to value the dollar you would have spent on it. And don't spend it. It saddens myself that this book was actually committed to paper!

People (like myself. Now i'm guilty as well. Phrase fragment. ) who read self help books, or books about entrepreneurship would much better served to stay with the familiar writers. Malcolm Gladwell. Seth Godin. Um.. People like Seth Godin. And of course, all the others. The 99U series of books were better and more coherent if you're going to pay actual money to learn a series of blog articles anyway.

Would you notice how I'm rambling. And duplicating myself? Body that pain between your eyebrows start to form? I'm achieving this on purpose. To demonstrate how this book is written. That's why I'm doing this. Sentence fragment., We rarely write reviews, but there's a couple of things that a lot of people seem to be to ignore when they give 4-5 stars:

-The book is full of personal anecdotes and ranting here and there, with web pages and pages of filling up in the blank without getting to the point
(At 15% of the book he is still writing: " this book is all about... " )

-There's a lot of copy-paste from emails and responses from " fans". Wasted space

-There's a huge listing of A to Z things to practice everyday (the author has real issues summarizing his information)

I can't consider the number of 5 stars scores just for this book, I think the last line in the book really transmits the message home: "This is about being connected with who you are. This is about discovering how far your prospective truly can unravel, simply because you are individual. "

James has a talent to cause you to think hard and laugh harder with his crafty wit as he shares his activities. This book is an enjoyable read for anyone not used to working out the reading part of the brain muscles. This book is not a panacea for your problems, nor do We think it is meant to be. It will eventually make you think, and that is the first and most important step to becoming a part of the "Choose Yourself era. inches

For context, I used to work on walls street but quit my job one year ago, in large part because James and other thought market leaders have helped re-inspire my desire to test the bounds of what we can really do., Will this book change your life? Is it a game changer? I don't know. That requires a lot of personal representation - it's your life, your game. What We do know for sure is that James hits you in the gut with a raw, no-holds-barred perspective of the times we live in and provides some insights that every reader should giving serious consideration.

I've followed James' blog for several a few months now and he delivers his message in the same powerful, unvarnished, and conversational style that characterizes his blog. This is my first Amazon review - and for any skeptics out there, We only know James through the writings on his blogs and some of his previous books - anyway, I had been hesitant to write this as he dedicates a whole chapter on opinions. Spoiler Alert - it's titled "Don't Have got Any Opinions". Of course there's much more to it than that. In case you decide to 'Choose Yourself' you have to be prepared to take a stand... to have viewpoints, share opinions and set yourself 'out there'. In my opinion, this book is a must read!

James takes you on a great ride. It's a dire warning about the future, a personal story - the literal open book into his life from the highs to the ultimate lows, and back again and a guide to the unlimited possibilities available to all of us. It's inspiring, courageous and a forceful call to action. I couldn't place it down, reading it from beginning to conclusion in less than each day.

In case you find yourself waiting for the world to return to 'normal', pre-2007, you need to read this book, reflect on your life and work, consider his Daily Practice and critically think about Choosing Yourself.

Finally, James supplies a refund option or an option to donate his proceeds to charity if you read his book - he believes in his message that much. We believe within it too, but I'm not asking for my money-back - his message is that good!

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