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I found that this book was not particularly actionable, and recycled a lot of content which Altucher has previously published online and in other books of his. Altucher tries to redefine wealth in non-monetary terms, and then addresses abstractly about how to increase his redefined version of wealth. While it's a snappy title, I don't feel like I learned anything useful from reading it. One major downside is that Altucher frequently uses himself as a case study, when many of his accomplishments are path-dependent on his prior accomplishments., There is no better author than one who turns his spirit inside out for all to see and really does it for his best purpose... helping the reader. Accomplished smart and loving, James lets us in on how the changes in the world are not destined to swallow us upwards if we just choose rightly, everyday. Choose me personally and true inner riches gives natural byproducts, ultimately causing wealth. Rereading and daily practicing and I can as well as see change already. Nice reality, James. In no way thought I would say that!, A++!!! James Altucher, thank you for another really informative book. James does repeat some themes from previous books/blog blogposts (i. e. The Every day Practice, don't obtain a house, college is a waste of time, etc), but there are some really amazing ideas that We got from looking over this publication that you most likely never heard before! James gets to a lot of detail about starting a business, how to spend ect... I love James informal writing style and humor and I highly recommend this guide., Common sense ideas on how may lead your life more comfortably and make selections that allow an acceptable chance of success and happiness on your own terms. He explains how everyone must develop their own plan and have where they want to be on their own.
I am developing my idea muscle consequently of his prompting.
James Altucher is my mentor, and even if we never meet; We feel confidence in his guidance., As a a sole proprietor entrepreneur who quit the girl comfortable, lucrative corporate job to choose herself, this book has helped change the way I think about my business. Thus many nuggets of information are highlighted within my publication., Very thankful to have stumbled upon James' books, podcast, and blog. I loved this book and wish I can convince my 19 and 20 yr olds to read it very soon. James shares his wisdom and his quirky, wonderful sense of humor in an engaging manner. He does exactly what he or she recommends to others -- he doesn't preach or teach, he shares his encounters and we, the readers, learn through them. Thank you, James!, This particular is a true guide to wealth: financial, psychological, spiritual, mental.
This is a book for a subject called: " True Wealth". Issue that for some unusual reason is not educated at school. Yet.
Desire to improve your skill at living a good life? Start here.
Read it. Practice it. Live Wealthy, Healthy and Happy Lifestyle.
Combine with Idea Machine book and you are golden!, Moving, honest and humorous, too. James is a dynamo of energy who lays it all out on the table, his failures and successes are there for the world. I try not to be addicted, but it is almost like I have to have a " James fix" everyday to get going. James, thanks for being real!

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