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We are an adult who read this book to help out with our Lit Wars contest participants. These kinds of students are in 4th-5th grade. I think the humor and conflict in the book are geared more for a 7th-8th grade maturity level of course, if I were choosing the books for this competition, I would not choose this book for this grade level. There are adult themes in this book - child abuse/neglect, alcoholism, gun violence. Yet there is a great deal of humor in the book as well (poking fun at reality " survivalist" television shows) and I really enjoyed it., This book is wonderful. My students fought over who was going to read it. I experienced some students finish the book I less than a week, and that is all they taliked about. We ordered 5 copies and they all came in brand new condition. For kids that fight to find a good book to get into, choose no other, my students could not position the book down., I really liked this book. It was amazing. completely good in depth parts which was interesting and made it seem cool. The part I like the best was the ending when Jared gordan tried to get his daughter. But he shot somebody. It was also cool when the we've trapped in th woods and they were also looking for Derek badger who ran away because he got bitten by a mastiff bat, This book was awesome. I love how in all of Carl's books he always has some kind of mystery. He's books are also always hilarious. Within this one, it is more funny than the usual puzzle but you can still predict. In this book he gives more tips and the storyline comes with each other faster. SCAT much more of a mystery, or GET RID OF. This one has plenty of suspense where it can not "like who performed it? " Fit "what is he going to do next? " But it still was a great book with a lot of twists and transforms., If Carl writes it just buy it, his books are several fun. If you want to read an e book that'll have you laughing out loud, try one called Skin Tight. Your dog is really good, if he writes it, I buy it, it's the same with Elmore Leonard, if he wrote it, I buy it., Started out okay, but became sillier as it progressed to the point of being irritating. I sense the writer really believes he has a sublime sense of humor, but the book falls (woefully) short of showcasing it., "Chomp" should get five stars for the nifty cover design alone, but the amusing and unflagging intelligence of the content certainly cements the rating. Social commentator and satirist Hiaasen takes barrage one of his favorite general categories of offender in this book--the Phony; in this instance, an over-the-hill TV nature "explorer" with a penchant for making grisly meals of his animal costars. Much of the action is set in the Florida Everglades, where the self-named Derek Badger has come to shoot a survival flick that pits him against the local fauna. In most instances, Badger's fauna opponents are tame and rented, but this time around the big man (aiming for an important raise in his contract salary) insists on real wild animals in order to boost the action and excitement. In true Hiaasen fashion, things go downhill for the poser pretty quickly after that.

The book has a full contingent of wonderful characters, with two high school age kids fronting as the key protagonists. The particular older people on board are a mix of principled and venal, but practically nothing as crazy wild as is the norm for some of Hiaasen's mature books. In several ways, the pet characters are the biggest stars and will certainly be a huge hit with the young readers of the book. The throw has a monster alligator (Alice), a humongous python (Beulah), a wild bat and a wild water snake. The essential message to the readers is even these fearsome creatures are not so dangerous if remaining alone and observed from a respectful distance.

The writer gives his story line enough edge to keep it interesting and moving along at a good pace, but no person suffers the kind of torments and painful death that is often on offer for evil doers in the adult books. Respect for animals, the unacceptability of child abuse (and what to do about it) and the inside story of documented film making are all themes explored in this great book for tweeners and above.

The next time I tune into a PBS nature film starring a spray-tanned, grinning host who is never out of the frame for more than 10 seconds, We will be thinking of "Chomp" and Hiassen's entertaining sendup of the genre. Hightly recommended., "Chomp" a Journey Through the Everglades!
By Jake T.

I thought Chomp, by Carl Hiaasen, was a great book (5 stars), and I am someone who doesn't like to read at all. The book takes place in the everglades and since We live in Florida and We am acquainted with this area, this added to my enjoyment. The conflict would be that the dad, an animal wrangler, was hit on the head with a frozen iguana and gets a head injury. The daddy (Mickey) and son (Wahoo) are running low on money so they have to get dad working again for money. The particular resolution is: they come across a deal with a nature show, however, it is hard to go with because the people are a pain in the bottom and do not treat animals properly. The cash is too good to pass up and they take it anyhow. The issue solves it self with several animal episodes on the annoying sponsor of the show, including a shaking with an alligator. The wacky events that eventually the sponsor of the nature show, Derek Badger, keep the attention. This kind of as when he tries to eat a live baseball bat and it bites him on the tongue. Out of nowhere a hostage situation forms. All of the people have to think on their feet to take down the gun man, but a couple people received shot. The book kept a face pace with underdogs ending up on top. Chomp covered child abuse, animal abuse, California wildlife issues, and ecological issues, all while weaving the story. This is a very good book and I recommend it to you.

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