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Mastering Conversational Chinese, Chinese for newbies is the best preliminary book for teaching Mandarin you could request. We spent 3 years in China. Yi Ren was my first Mandarin instructor. I studied with the girl before I left and remember her saying our book we used was not the best. I got just had a several months of lessons before We left and continued to examine while in China. We had 4 teachers and 4 different books. Yi and I continued to stay in touch when I would be in town.

Once i bought her book I had been amazed at the way it was put together. We wished I used to be able to have it in the beginning. Another books We had used weren't as organized and easy to understand. The effort that was put into it made it so much easier and much more fun. The Special Notes, Helpful Sentences and Extended Language were regular with every chapter. The Cultural tips all throughout the book could have been so helpful to me in China if I had them in the beginning. To be able to understand the culture helps so much in mastering the language. The Poetry, Songs and Pictures are so interesting. Just how sentence framework was taught was invaluable and not done well in the other books We have used. Not that I am living stateside again I utilize it to thoroughly up on what We know and use the CD to practice as well. I suggest this book. I am hoping there will be another book as well., I possess the e-book format and saved the sound to a pill as well. Having the sound is very helpful in mastering correct pronunciation and intonation. The only reason We didn't give the book 5 stars is that the sound would be so much simpler to use if this were clickable directly from the written text like We have occasionally seen in e-books. The instructions given in the text for downloading sound are a little out-of-date, but I had been able to figure it out from the website. Otherwise, the format of the text is good, introducing words and dialog in small chunks. The choice of vocabulary seems pretty regular with what I see in other beginning texts. Both pinyin and characters are presented together. It would be possible to go through the whole book without learning any character types if you only want to concentrate on spoken Chinese, but I find for myself, becoming knowledgeable about the characters enriches the training experience. There is a presentation on Chinese culture and a straightforward poem in Chinese also for every single part, both of which can be interesting additions to the book. Overall, I would recommend this book as a beginner text., I agree completely with Paul Ramsey's review of, "Chinese for Starters: Mastering Conversational Chinese. " I took one of Yi Ren's classes offered at the library. We had always wondered why people said learning Chinese language was so difficult. Now I understand that it to some extent involves the five possible different tones used to pronounce a single word that is spelled one way. The Chinese use symbols above the Both roman letters, to indicate which of the five hues, or inflections of tone of voice, to utilize to differentiate the possible meaning of a particular word. For example, the Chinese word, yu, depending about how it is pronounced, means either species of fish, rain, jade, or become silted up. If that sounds difficult, consider this... some of the characteristics of the English language can be challenging, as well. In the English language, a word spelled and pronounced one way will surely have multiple meanings. The word glowing blue, can mean a color, or a melancholy way of feeling. Additionally, an English word can be pronounced the same way, spelled in different ways, and have different meanings. For example: hear and here. So there!: )

Some of the sounds required of our voices while speaking the Chinese language, aren't seems we use when speaking the English language. At first, it feels challenging and odd to make the sounds required. With practice, though, seems great to become proficient and master this skill. The best smiles on the students' faces reflect their sense of pride and accomplishment at rising to this kind of enriching challenge.

I really prefer the sound CD included with the actual reasonably charged workbook. I found it invaluable to be able to follow the training in the book with the CD, while researching at home. And today, We have the CD and book forever, so which i can refresh my skills anytime I want. We have paid attention to the COMPACT DISC in my car and on my laptop. The 2 year-old grand daughter has listened to it with me. She now correctly says, "Thank you, " and "Hello, " in Chinese. And... she trapped on faster than We did!

The Chinese culture, so ancient and abundant, is to be adored. I loved reading the brief passages sprinkled throughout the book that give insight into the Chinese way of life. They add inspiration and intrigue, encouraging us to want to perfect the language on a higher level... and perhaps, one day, even to visit China, and speak this impressive language with the Chinese people themselves.

When you ever have the chance to take Yi Ren's course... as a beginner, We can honestly say it was very informative and enjoyable. Practice is essential - and this workbook and CD are at-home helpful companions for maintenance your skills for beginning conversational Chinese., This is a good book for learning some conversational Chinese language. It starts out sluggish with greetings, introductions, and then business terms, making it a great option for anyone working with, or looking into working with international businesses.

The included CD is alright for learning some pronunciation; however, there are websites that do a pretty realistic alternative at pronouncing words if you ever can't use the COMPACT DISC, or if yours didn't come with one., We don't claim to be a talented linguist, so I hope this doesn't come off as pretentious, but this guide isn't for the student who hopes to actually become fluent in Mandarin. No, I didn't miss the qualifier " FOR BEGINNERS" on the cover. What I suggest is the book, in my opinion, does not offer a solid foundation for building a competence in Mandarin. What I look for in a language book is a systematic facts the skeleton of a language-the major syntax rules. Tenses, word order, adverbs, etc etc. Vocab can be found with Google.

This is honestly more comparable to a phrasebook that is good for memorizing some phrases, and am will say that the cultural notes and the like are fun. I believe this would be a great surprise for a friend or relative who is planning to visit China, but I don't think it does a realistic alternative of teaching the basic principles., Really helps understand and learn the chinese dialects, Good book
Who has a COMPACT DISC drive though?
I wish i could download the sound data files and listen on my phone, or tablet.

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