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Having been invited by the creator to offer an advance endorsement for that back cover associated with The Chicken Health Handbook, 2nd Edition, it has been my honor to accomplish this. Regarding weeks I pored above my galley copy protect to cover, enjoying typically the completely new format, remarkable illustrations and fresh content material. This guide is so a lot more than merely typically the 1994 Chicken Health Handbook with a fresh coating of paint; this variation is a wholly changed version worthy of the own distinguishing title.

Widely regarded as the Consumer Saint of Poultry since her 1994 book of the identical name became the chicken keeper’s bible, Gail Damerow has kept her hand on the pulse associated with chicken management innovations, advances and trends, bringing all of us this completely re-calibrated, up-to-date Chicken Health Handbook. Even more than a guide to chicken health, this book is really a call to deliberate believed and informed chicken treatment decision-making, concisely providing the tools necessary in chapters of which read like a novel.

Filled with pragmatic health-keeping details that embraces a holistic model of wellness, this particular book offers trouble-shooting equipment and a panoply associated with real-world solutions based inside solid science. It should be standard issue along with every chick purchased.

Microsoft. Damerow provides a stimulating reality check on many of the feel-good sound bites regarding holistic/natural/herbal techniques to chicken keeping of which abound on chicken associated blogs and books inside recent years. Damerow writes, " Instructions found on-line and in print publications describing herbal medicine for garden chickens suggest that such-and-such herb " is mentioned to" work for a certain disease, or that a person " try" such-and-such plant being a treatment- which seems suspiciously like experimenting at the expense of a great ailing chicken. "

She does not push or even extol the virtues associated with any given herbal or even natural product- she simply presents facts, allowing typically the reader to create science-based decisions for their flocks themselves. She methodically teases away grains of truth wherever they exist, stressing of which alternative remedies are not a new panacea. For example, pertaining to “natural worm control, ” the author states they are “... more suited for preventing worms compared to to removing an current worm load. ” " Exciting not to depend entirely on natural strategies unless you are particular your chickens are not experiencing an overload associated with worms, especially if a person expect your birds to be able to live into old era. "
Similarly, with respect to be able to diatomaceous earth, she writes: " Respirable particles associated with crystalline silica in diatomaceous earth... sticks, (to chickens' lung tissue) causing scar tissue to form of which impairs respiration. "

She sums up her point of view on treating sick chickens as follows:
“Going with the philosophy of ‘whatever works, ’ our family members uses both conventional in addition to traditional, or so-called alternative, remedies on our human selves. Sometimes the alternative methods are more effective and have fewer side effects than prescribed drugs. So we are open up to using alternatives about our livestock too. Whenever dealing with a unwell chicken, however, we tend to be more careful of trying alternatives that might can work. One cause is that chickens hide their pain as long as they can. By the moment a chicken exhibits indicators of not being nicely, it needs help fast. Since a chicken can not show if it’s experience better, unless a treatment works fast, we can not tell if it’s operating at all. We therefore limit alternative livestock remedies to their use as immunity enhancers. ”

Typically the Chicken Health Handbook, subsequent Edition is an vital source of every chicken keeper. Run, do not stroll, to get your duplicate! For someone who continuously seeks authoritative sources associated with accurate chicken keeping details, this book is really a gift idea. I rely on it often in my work in addition to in looking after my chickens and I know a person will too.
Kathy Shea Mormino
The Chicken Chick®
Author, garden chicken-keeping advisor & advocate and personal assistant to be able to 50+ feathered pets in addition to a Yorkie with cattitude.
www.The-Chicken-Chick.com,This has been recommended by my veterinary! Good source of your garden flock of three or even three hundred!, Great guide. Has helped us a new lot with our 4 hens., This book is usually very comprehensive, but nonetheless easy to read. It is usually a great addition to be able to my library., Great guide, Wealth of information, must have got book for any chicken keeper. I'm very impressed., Really useful book to have at hand if you've obtained chickens. I found several very good recommendations i had no idea about even though I've had chickens for a long period., This was a gift idea for someone new to chickens. Very helpful & informative., I have learned a lot more than I ever wanted to know about chickens from reading this guide! We are a new " mom" with 4 baby chicks & did not know what to expect. Even though a lot associated with this stuff scared me personally (all the things of which could go wrong), I feel like I could get care of almost anything at all that I must if I can't find a new vet who treats chickens.

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