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This is one of the best manga stories which i have read in a while. The story is based around Karin, a goule girl who will be basically the black sheep to not merely her family, but for fairly much every vampire. The particular difference between her and everyone else is that as opposed to taking away blood, the girl gives blood. She also can be into broad daylight without having to worry about burning upward, or dying, or whatever happens to a goule when they go away into the sunshine (and no, sparkling is not one of these things). Due to the fact she can be into the sunshine, she also chooses to go to institution (or maybe the parents made her go to school. I don't think they explained that in this volume). If the girl goes too long without sucking/giving blood, the blood in her body boosts and a huge amount explodes out of her nose area. This usually happens at a specific date every month, but after the girl is introduced by a new student that goes by the name Kenta Usui, her blood starts to react differently the what it usually does. That's as much as I'm going to give away. In case you really want to know why I love this manga, the great thing to do is to see it for yourself., First off let's say how wonderful it is to see the Kindle library of Manga expanding, which makes it a more viable source of manga readers. That being said Chibi Vampire(Karin) being added is a good addition to the Amazon kindle online library. A romantic comedy making light of what would usually be a darker subject, writer Yuna Kagesaki takes her style and puts it into what I would call her best publication to date.

We have Karin, a fresh faced high schooler with a secret, she actually is a vampire! Unlike other vampires though she is fine in the sunlight, aren't see in the dark and doesn't drink blood. She lived her life peacefully passing as human until suddenly a transfer student threatens to shatter her peaceful world. Will this transfer student become her greatest enemy or perhaps her most reliable ally?

A romantic funny be ready for some laughs, some misunderstood theatre and plenty of gags, mostly at the cost of poor Karin!

Recommend this to anyone with a taste for a Intimate Comedy, especially when you like vampires being cute and silly!, Karin Maaka is the middle child in a family of ghosts who immigrated to The japanese two centuries earlier after the witch hunts of London. Unlike the sleep of her family, Karin does not feed on blood, she produces it. As a result, she actually is forced to bite others to expel the extra blood. She also exhibits no normal vampire traits, and instead lives her life just as an ordinary teenage girl would. The lady can be outside during the day, attends senior high school, and follows the sleep design of normal humans. Nevertheless, the general peacefulness of her life is damaged with the arrival of a new transfer college student, Kenta Usui.
Chibi Vampire is a series I read during middle school and is one of the best manga that We have ever read. We own the complete series at home I do recommend this for manga lovers around the globe.

This specific is my first genuine review which i have made in a story for mat, hope it helps, I will be in the process of reading this history again but this time around I decided to buy the Kindle version. We do not like the smell of the tattoo in the printed version. The storyplot is different from the usual vampire lore in that Karin is a reverse vampire giving blood as opposed to taking blood. Read the story for yourself there are just fourteen volumes in total which are funny, heart warming, and entertaining., I love this guide and cannot wait to appreciate the rest of the series!!, Been wanting to get this ever since i read it in my local library., Yay. Therefore cute!, Lovely story and great twist

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