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I read Fast Food Country in order to came out in 2001 and it totally transformed my eating habits. Though I was never a major consumer of fast food to begin with, it was an attention opening account of the industry. Outside the rare occasion when a McDonalds was the only choice, I've managed to avoid most fast food joints in the past 15 yrs since reading the book. Today that I have kids, I use tried to instruct them on making healthy choices in regards to eating. I don't prohibit them from eating fast food, but I feel that that needs to be informed about what goes on backstage in the fast food industry with regards to the quality of the foodstuff, the working conditions of employees, and the marketing. I acquired Chew On This particular for my kids to read when they're ready. I read it as well, and although I don't think it's on par with Fast Food Country, it provides good insights for younger readers. My earliest son, who is 10, read it in two days, and he enjoyed it as well as being disgusted by some of the stories. A book is no replace for an analysis with your kids about healthy eating, but I do recommend this book in helping to start out that discussion., You will be much more aware of the influence-as well because the nasty stuff- the fast-food chains pass off as edible.
Thinking about the poor nutrition of this (TRULY) junk food passed off to the public, it's no wonder diabetes and obesity are such big issues.
We treat food enjoy it doesn't impact our health in the Oughout. S. A. We have passed on this fantasy to other countries, too.
Any place we sell this stuff, the people are negatively afflicted.

I haven't eaten in a fast food place or drank soda in years. It always made me feel sick afterward. Now I know why., Required reading for institution, but my daughter finished up sharing it with your family. She actually read the entire book. We (grown ups) watched the film- and I advise anyone to pre-view the film (posted on the book), it is NOT family viewing. Right old shock, which was... All of us were definitely not planning on that the film is well different than this book.
However, this book Is made for young readers, and it is informative and easy to read. My girl learned a lot about processed food, and it was nice that she no more needs to wonder why we do not let the girl eat the rubbish and highly processed " food" here. Brought her around to the side of eating well and why it matters., This guide was a well needed slap in the face. I love picking up a burger and fries from my local fast food restaurant, but hadn't thought about (or hadn't desired to think about) what goes into making that happen. I had been blissfully ignorant about what switches into making the food, and assumed the personnel were high school kids earning money for things they wanted - not people who're working there to survive. The information about the foodstuff production was particularly disturbing, so this is something Required to read. I was surprised that the actual guide ended at approximately 65% in the Kindle (sorry, I don't know the equivalent page number): the rest was credits and material for consultation which may or may not interest visitors., might be healthier than going to fast food bones! Absolutely FANtastic book. This particular should be required reading for every school child in America. That is a quick and easy read. In addition to the fascinating depiction of despicable food corporations and their money-hungry strength, there are real stories about young people who have tried to make changes in their school or work place. Schlosser details the beyond-wretched conditions in slaughterhouses. Those chapters are VERY difficult to read. Exactly what would ever cause people to quit their addictions to fast food? Reading this book might make us all - at least consider toning down the need to eat a McRib or McShake. Significant guide for sure..., My child was in the fourth grade when he read this book. I started out reading it and couldn't put it down. This is my second time reading this book as the original paperback became worn and tattered. With the Kindle fire version Let me have it forever. Very informative and a must read for the health conscious., I only gave this guide three stars because the real story is just about 55% of the guide itself. The story is okay because it provides a lot of details and expands the information. However, the name of the book is "everything you don't wish to know about fast food" and Mister. Schlosser did not inform what some foods were made of. For example, if you order chicken breast nuggets from a fast food chain, they say that it is made out of real chicken. They aren't lying down nevertheless they don't tell you what part of the chicken breast it came from. I would like to know about that and think that info matches the title more, As food becomes more and more processed by big corporate dictates with an purpose for more and more profits, we find that real your meals are too expensive to sell to consumers. It is cheaper to use fillers like hammer toe, wheat, sugar, water and then add artificial flavours and textures to be able to look and taste like the real food it is substituting. People do not read the ingredients on packaging, if they did they would observe that almost all of the ingredients are chemicals far away from what is naturally grown or produced from nature. Additives also can be used, like processed sugar substitutes (high fructose corn syrup), to make you more addicted to the product, making you eat more and gain more weight. Makes me more diligent in reading the elements of course, if I can't understand it, I ought to not buy it.

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