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Let me openly admit I acknowledged this book with a lot of scoffing and derision. The author of Twilight... writing a THRILLER? I mocked. A great deal. So before I say anything else I can absolutely tell you the guide changed my mind I expected to hate it. I have long been a critic of Meyer's free writing and weak heroines, so when the " tight thriller" statements began coming out I performed laugh, but... that has turned into an accurate information of this book, and I absolutely would recommend it to anyone. Go through it!!! DON'T MISS THIS BOOK. And for that reason, I would like to get started on with the things I was impressed with, which was a lot.

A) Meyer's writing in this guide is of much higher quality than her other books. Significantly so. I really do detest 'filler' in books. Thoughts that don't matter, descriptions that are irrelevant, musings that bore me to cry... The writing actually is surprisingly tight in this guide as compared to her other books.

B) It's a real thriller, not a romance with somewhat of " fake" mystery to make it seem real, which again, was a surprise to me. I thought for sure it would be among those pathetic relationships with a prop for a plot. Well, not so at all in cases like this. The plot, with the plentiful twists and turns, is obviously the focus of the story, in fact it is a well planned, gripping plot at that. It was fantastically done.

C) Typically the heroine is strong, amazing, and capable, and my thoughts and opinions as an avid feminist is that she stones. I love her!!! I absolutely love her. I love that she isn't poor, and survives on her own, and doesn't need anyone... I love that her life out and about has been lonely, but she has remained strong and outwitted operatives who are far better trained. I love that she was capable of saving her own life when it came right down to the line. I also love the fact that, as mentioned, she is amazing. Not only top in her field, but doing work nobody else could even keep up with. Plus then you will find the part where she remains calm in tense situations, thinks obviously, acts with purpose... Yes, I really do absolutely love her.

D) I very much appreciated the point that Meyer didn't stoop to the use of slang, 'code' words used in dialogue, and also exaggerations of " special ops lingo" in an attempt at authenticity. I was military for 13 years... just an airplane mechanic... not something super secret or cool. But I have 0 respect for creators who try to make their books seem extra bad-a by using too much, and grossly overdone vocabulary and terminology. This guide stood on its own, and didn't need such props, and really benefited greatly from not having them. Very well done.

E) And finally, the love interest. I was conflicted at first, but made the decision I was very pleased with the way things turned out. To be honest, I unwell of the continuous grind of alpha male, helpless heroine program, and I in the end made the decision this romance helped me happy, mostly because it was real.

So those will be the things who have most pleased me so far. Right now, for the couple of things I struggled with personally as a readers. One wasn't a extremely big deal, but the other (though I lumped it in with the " nitpick" ) was noticeable enough to myself at the start of the book that I almost didn't keep reading. So as for the 2 things I struggled with:

A) The POV is 3 rd person, which I like infinitely better than first, but the book starts off out with a narrator telling the story from a distance, and though that proceeded to go away, the space did not. Not for a long time to me. I couldn't hook up with with the heroine. I didn't dislike her for the first 8 chapters, but nor did I like her. To be clear, this was not minor to me. At one point around chapter 5 I felt so disconnected I started checking to see how many pages were left available like a nervous tic, because I didn't know easily could keep reading for THAT WILL many. It went away, absolutely, and am generally adored the book otherwise. But the extent of my struggle is the particular reason why I knocked off a star.

B) It can a tiny complaint, but the name thing drove myself nuts. The heroine, in the very first chapters of the book, not only used different names when the girl talked to other people, she actually THOUGHT of herself in terms of those names. She WAS Casey, and then the girl WAS Alex, and then she WAS Jesse... Typically when using fake titles, the smoothness will still think of themselves in terms of their own names, but that wasn't the case here, and combined with the distance in the POV at the start, it did add to my overall struggle to really become engaged in the character and plot. That went away too, of course, but again, anything that almost will cause me to put an e book down, I mention.

Thus my overall thoughts on this guide are surprise and pleasure. I had no intention of loving it so much. I have NOT NECESSARILY been a Meyer fan for a lot of years, also to be completely honest, I only bought this book so I could read it and then mock it. That has been the plan. I even informed the plan to my sister (also not a Meyer fan) and that we chuckled about it together. And then I read the guide... also it was overall fantastic. Don't miss the read, and when you struggle with the distance like I did in the beginning, don't give it up. Keep reading. I really don't think you will be sorry... and though nobody knows me, that is about the greatest suggestion I can give thinking about the author, and my prior opinions of her work. I didn't think in a million years the girl would change my thoughts.

But she did!!!, I am a 68 yr old grandma. I have read most of Stephenie Meyer's books. Every one has been a great read. The Chemist was terrific. I done the book in two days. If I got not required sleep I would not have input it down. The excitement, action and character development were first class. This is not a teen guide. Strictly adult and adult action. I cannot recommend it highly enough., Amazing book. A great story that was told well. Characters that weren't just believable, but the writer had a way of making me feel like I knew these people. The pace was great and thus were the changes and turns. Everything I search for a novel - excellent in most way!, I love Stephanie Meyer and this book was really good. I'm a little incomplete to " The Host" book but this one was really good. An easy read and very liquid. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a little adventure with a strong woman., Stephanie Meyer can perform no wrong. From corny teen vampire novels, for an amazing alien novel, and after this this, which I imagine is a spy thriller. I want her career. This particular one is so great. I mean: Fantastic! I couldn't put it down. I HIGHLY recommend it., I`m a fan of Stephenie Meyer. I`ve enjoyed all of her books. I do believe the girl did a great job for a first time spy thriller. This wounderful woman has the ability to write in various genres which great because it gives her enthusiasts good stories that are extremely different from the other person., The fantastic page turner. I couldn't put it down. Might have liked to really know what happened to Lola in the ending though., Stephenie Meyer wanted to demonstrate a book could be successful with a strong female protagonist protecting a man she loves, so she switched the sexes of the characters in Twilight and called it Life and Death. It was disappointingly awkward and sometimes painful to read. But have no fear! The girl fundamental with flying colors writing a powerful capable female protagonist within the Chemist. Excellent story and characters and another loveable pack of dogs!. Ms. Meyer was not afraid to get her hands dirty with this one.

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