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This specific translation is very good. I'm removing a celebrity because the footnotes don't work and I experienced to go back and forth manually between the text and the information. That's a huge problem for a Kindle version., A marvelous translation, far superior to others with which I compared it. " The Cherry Orchard" recently played in Father christmas Monica, also it was so fresh and relevant for today, yet retaining the feeling of the European 19th Century., Precisely what I expected!, Great shape... like the edition. It appears as though new.. Good introduction before you get into the plays. Keep up the good work

Thanks., A new good translation of the plays. The book is approximately 5 1/4 by 8 1/4. The size is comfortable to hold in your lap and the
print size is straightforward to read. The book has " The Seagull", " Uncle Vanya", " Three Sisters", and " The Cherry Orchard". There is a short biography
of Anton Chekhov at the start of the book., Dr. Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) was the first major European writer who had been not an aristocrat. His grandfather experienced been a serf. Chekhov was a brilliant genius of classic short tales and plays. In this Modern Library edition his four most famous plays are translated into British.
Those plays are:
one The Seagull: This 1896 play won fame for Chekhov following its production at the Moscow Artwork Theatre. The work deals with the love of the fledgling playwright Trepilov in love with Nina who dreams of becoming a great actress. Nina falls in love with the famous playwright Trigorin running away with him. In despair, Trepilov plays a dead seagull which he has shot down at the feet of Nina. Two years later, Nina returns to the estate empty by her quondom lover the scamp Trigorin. The lady declares that her life has been shot down just as the seagull was earlier brought into death. Trigorin attempts committing suicide for the second time and is successful in this effort. The play is beautifully written and the theme of being occupied with work is prominent. It is a play about the hard work necessary by way of a playwright as well as dealing with a tragic love story.
2. Uncle Vanya-This 1899 play deals with the kindly Uncle Vanya who has managed the estate of professor Serebryakov for quite some time. Vanya comes to realize that the very lazy professor is an academic fraud. Vanya falls in love with the professor's lovely second wife Elena Andreyevna. She rejects him or her as a lover. The inept Vanya then efforts to kill the professor with that gun but neglects. The professor forgives him or her though he agrees not to sell the property which Vanya feared would occur. Life returns to normal.
3. The Three Sisters-The play deals with the boring lives of three sisters from Moscow: Olga, Masha and Irina who reside in a provincial city of 100, 000. The three women fantasy of returning to Moscow; fall in love with various officers stationed in the town but at the end of Take action IV remain in their dull lives. The play deals with ordinary day to day existence. The lives of the characters are jejune as they yearn to be free from daily responsibilities. They remind this reviewer of Thoreau's famous line about people living lives of "quiet desperation. "
4. The Cherry Orchard deals with the forced sale for a beautiful Cherry Orchard by an aristocratic family experiencing hard economical times. The plangent sound of an ax cutting down the cherry trees comes to an end the play.
All of these plays were written in four acts. Their major themes are the need for work during a world where such hard work might seem to be futile.
Chekhov's focus is on families of the lower aristocracy and middle class. He wrote on the eve of European revolution since the old way of life was about to pass from the scene forever., I was doing a showcase performance that included scenes from the Seagull and the Cherry wood Orchard. We were given scripts and commenced working, but it wasn't until I read Curt Columbus's translation that it really clicked inside my brain what was happening. This specific book is a great tool for the actor or simply to read, and supplies a more modern take on the fabric. Somewhere between all the English translations is situated the essence of the original Russian stories. I recommend reading as many different translations as possible., We have been reading and studying these plays for a long time now, and have read through and worked out of numerous different translations. Curt Columbus' versions of such four mighty plays are exceptionally well done. They are eminently actable and highly accessible to a modern audience. Yes, he does make some small changes, notably choosing to call each character by one regular name, instead of using all of the various forms. Purists may scoff, but it removes a barrier to understanding for a contemporary theatregoer. Highly advised for anyone directing Chekhov or teaching it to students.

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