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A few just get one thing out of the way first: I love the design of this book. Sure, it has all the requisite mouthwatering food photos. But it's also cheeky and fun. Plus has Acheson's original pictures. I love it when cookbooks are fun to look at and not only informative. Still, that's not why you're here, so - onto the various meats...

The Chef and the Slow Cooker starts out with a great introduction that includes tips for making your food zing, together with some basic life philosophy for embracing the now (every cookbook well worth its salt makes you a much better person, right? ). From there you jump into basics - the broths and stocks you will need as a base for many of the recipes, or, as Acheson calls them, the Hot tub for the primary ingredient. Take my advice and make a few of these ahead of time to maintain - it will slice lots of time off your prep later on.

Through there we are off to the races with bean-based dishes. The White Bean Soup is DTF and I made it totally in the slow pot (no skillets or pots and pans required). Then it's on to my personal favorite - the soups. Lastly, a recipe for Pho that tastes like my favorite restaurant. Maybe better. And the Chicken Soups with Chiles, Coconut Whole milk and Lime... my mouth is watering considering it. Hang on, I have to go reheat my leftovers.

Right. So , then there is a chapter on veggie-based meals. I haven't tried any yet, nonetheless they look great (butter braised cabbage, spring stew, yum). Then there's seafood - should you do not put the Miso-braised salmon in your face ASAP, you will feel dissapointed about it for the relax of your life. Then on to the fowl. My husband made the Kimchi Chicken for dinner the other day and it was out of this world. It was also stupid easy. The next chapter finally answers the question " Where's the beef" (it's here, in this book). I haven't tried any, yet, but my mouth waters just flipping through the chapter. Finally, we have pork and then lamb/goat, and ending with sweets.

Most of the recipes give you at least 4 hours of freedom, though a few are shorter or lengthier, so make certain to check how much free time each recipe gives you before you commit. There are also things you can do to cheat a little if you want to skip a step. For instance, the Hoppin' David calls for soaking peas overnight, but you could use canned peas and lessen the prep time.

A few of the dishes - not all - call for a good some handling. These recipes are not all set-it-an- forget-it types, but rather, recipes that utilize a slow cooker to its maximum advantage. An individual can cut out some of the steps that take place outside the slow pot if you have an Instant-Pot type machine where you can sear right in the pot if you are looking to simplify. There are also lots of recipes that are just toss components in and forget it, but if you JUST want those types of recipes, I'd probably get one of the beginner-type slow cooker cookbooks. There are several awesome ones to choose from. This is targeted at a more gourmet audience.

The recipes are nothing like the standard slow fare out there and your friends can never believe you used that old crockpot from the '70s to make such amazing food. This is not the standard mushy slower cooker fare of yore. There are, of course, the classics, like brisket, but jam? Beef cheeks with apple slaw? Lobster tacos? Poached eggs? Freakin' breakfast in the slower cooker? Oh yes.

The bottom line is this: this is a slower cooker recipe for the slightly more adventurous and for many who need more stylish ending product. From the slow-cooker book from a Chef's perspective (as the book's title implies). The recipes are clear and easy to follow, nonetheless they sometimes include things that may be harder to find and many of the recipes include some searing in a pan/chopping/prep before you eliminate everything into the slower cooker. Some even have some legwork during or after the cooking. The extra work gives that you simply far superior flavor, but if you act like you only want to eliminate everything in with no preparation, this book isn't your jam. If you are a lot of type who loves to cook and has already mastered the basic slow-cooker recipes floating out there (or has been scarred by your mom's slower cooker meals from when you were a kid), pick this up the other day., I had been excited to find a copy of this book at my local book shop this afternoon -- having heard about it on NPR the other day and feeling fascinated. I loved the idea of finding new recipes for my slow pot, and the recipes all look delicious.

I had not considered making jams or chutneys in a slow pot & am most excited to try a few of those out first (apple cardamom butter & fig jam especially).

Seeking through the recipes, I wish that there were a few more vegan options -- it is a very meat-heavy book -- and yes, these aren't dump it all in the cooker and walk away recipes -- there is a very long side-sauté ing and prep work involved with pretty much them all. But this certainly doesn't detract from the overall comforting and very homey feeling that the book has. I look forward to using it., Be forewarned: This is not necessarily the slower cooker book for which you are searching. These are recipes for many who love slow-cooked foods, but want the convenience of stepping away from kitchen when they need/want to. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience here, but it is not suited to everyone's lifestyles, commitments and time constraints.

Perform you normally work ten-hour days, with an hour commute-home? Needing to put a healthy meal on the table soon after you walk back in the door, which means that your kids can pick up a bite before heading out to some school activity? Looking for recipes that allow you to work quietly in the darkness before dawn, plopping components in the pot with one hand while you are brushing your teeth with the other? (I've recently been there, done that for way too many years, so I know. ) If that is your situation, this is NOT the cookbook you are looking for. The slow pot is a " convenience" appliance, but these recipes are not for the kind of convenience described above.

These recipes are not necessarily streamlined. In case you are extremely hard pressed for time, these recipes might very well look daunting, and you should probably pass this one by.... Or, even better, put it on your wish list for a future, slower amount of time in your life. Or, even better, think of someone who loves, loves, loves slow-cooked food and still needs (or wants) to slice a few acres of grass, or loves the outdoors and consumes hours in the garden or with the hens or in the orchard or pecan grove. An individual get the idea. This specific is an excellent cookbook for someone who knows about and wants the tastes of slow cooked foods, but has hobbies or obligations or practices that take up hours during the day.

It is a cookbook for many who want to slower cook, but want or need to step out of the kitchen for a few hours here and there. These recipes use " convenience" in different ways. And I love it! They are not complicated recipes and do use familiar ingredients. (I talk about this because the writer is a very knowledgeable chef, and you know how their cookbooks can sometimes be a more than a lttle bit hoity-toity. )

I possess marked so many of these recipes! But what really stands out--for me and what and how I cook--are his slow-cook/slow-braised seafood, bean, and veggie dishes:
--The Catfish Stew is worth the price of the book. (To be honest, I actually do have a LOT of catfish inside my freezer..... )
--Grits--in a slow pot!
--Butter Bean Minestrone--with a broth-y-ness that is light and thin-ish, despite the dried rechausser beans. (Tried it; recipe worked; it was tasty)
--Slow-cooked environmentally friendly beans, a four-hour make time. And slow-cooked collard greens with a several to seven hour make time. (Tried it; recipe worked; it was tasty)
--Tomato Confit is a major keeper--using plum tomatoes! (Tried it; recipe worked; it was tasty)
--Buttere -Braised Cabbage is another major keeper and so easy to get underway, and let it ride for the afternoon. (Tried it; recipe worked; it was tasty)
--There is a Southern Prawn Pilau which i want to try.
--And there is a gumbo that I attempted, gave up on, and returned to my old way of accomplishing it. Stubborn, maybe. But you may have a more open mind.
--The poached fish recipes are keepers: Cod in a vermouth broth, and a halibut in a sherry and pimento broth.
--Definitely want to try the fresa bean, sausage, calamari stew.
--I feel looking forward to using beef cheeks for something other than my usual barbacoa. This one is more like a pot beef roasts, but with a parsnip puree and apple slaw.

Plus stocks--managed with complete abandonment--are cornerstones. If you do not have one already, you may be wanting to buy an upright freezer for your garage, to stash your goodness. So little work; only a slice of your food budget.

Each and every recipe suggests a pot capacity, oftentimes four quarts, but on up to six-plus quarts. Cooking time range between a few hrs up to " leave it on as long as you need to".

Plenty of pictures--at minimum one for every dish. Webpage layout and type style and size are easy on the eyes. Some fun, vintage-looking artwork, too.

If you have a recent slow pot that allows for sauté ing in the skillet, plus gives a simmer setting below the low setting, (check out the Cuisinart cookers), a lot of these recipes will be even easier for you.

I'm happy to have this book on my library shelves. So pleased I picked it up. That will be a lot of fun and experience this Fall/Winter season 2017-2018., I am a little surprised that some individuals are giving so affordable reviews because it requires more than just dumping some ingredients into a crock pot and observing a Grey's Anatomy convention. If that is what you are searching for there are lots, otherwise thousands of publications made for that objective. The idea here is to make use of the slow pot to its maximum potential. That's the location where the " Chef" part will come in. So sure, sometimes there exists some preparation work, some sauteeing, some adding ingredients at different times. A few of the dishes might require a visit to your local ethnic market as opposed to the self checkout at Target. But it's so worth it. From the well put together book with great photographs and just the necessary story to each dish. Probably the most unique and exciting cookbooks to come out in some time.

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