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One more brilliant book. (I'm getting good at picking them after all these years).

This says something about the author that he can take a topic as routine and trivial as this and find a way to make it interesting. The publication is only 200 pages. This individual gets in, makes his points, and then will get straight out.

It's a mixture of a great deal of other books, to me.

1.   Knowledge And Decisions . There is a sharpened distinction between knowledge that is abstract and philosophical and reassurance that is cement and process based.
second .   The Collapse of Intricate Societies (New Studies in Archaeology) . As communities reach higher levels of development, they have increasing levels of complexity and more specialization is necessary. Higher process efficacy is also necessary.
3.   Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure . Items have to be proved helpful out based on what has been shown to *not* exercise. It is not enough to theorize/ speculate about what is a good idea.

I must say that the idea not exactly novel. It can one of those things that's hidden in plain sight but that a reader never knew could be developed.

The whole publication can be read through in a few hours and costs about with shipping (as of the time of this review).

If you had to choose only one book to read by this author, I would prefer his other book ( Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End ) to this one. But it is just as likely that you can trim out any of your other fiction publications and read both of them to great benefit.

Verdict: Advised., A really insightful and interesting discourse on how decision-making has been and continues to be made on a logical and progressive manner. As a retired builder, Atul's explanation of how the role of the master-builder has had to change dramatically as buildings became larger and tall and so require methodical co-ordination of many sub-sectional specialists. His knowledge as a surgeon makes his explanation of the ideal way medical specialists need to interact when performing operations is totally credible. Thank you, Atul.

Motivated with this book I am almost finished reading his book, Being Mortal., Presently there are only a few books that are genuine keepers, i. e., those that provide profound intelligence about the way the world works, and this is 1 of them. Dr. Gawande, in a well written succinct account conclusively demonstrates the value of checklists in many types of endeavors. Drawing on his experience as a surgeon, the simple checklist is exposed as a guardian against human fraility and foible alike by reminding us all about what to do, when to do it, and sometimes why. Many will scoff at the simpleness and insist that checklists are not needed and are a waste of valuable time when achieved professionals set out to perform routine tasks, but this is in which value is delivered in assisting to not overlook basic procedures and procedures and important to pay attention to the sequence by which things should be done.

Anybody who is concerned about getting things right should have a copy of this wonderful book and read it often. The message in it is priceless!, Loved it!! I'm not into treatments (in a finance major) but the ideas behind the book, specifically the balance between ignorance and ineptitude, are universal and are startlingly insightful. Highly recommend this book to anyone no matter your field, Every company owner, entrepreneur, and non-profit director should own this book. Every staff member should have a copy, as well. I have recommended to every one of my students and members since it was released. This publication provides the foundation for all other activities in an organization. It goes beyond documentation and standard functioning procedures, to make clear the importance of what it will take to really move an business and our efforts in society one stage further. Having checklists in place helps us all to better help others. Gawande brings life to this topic with fascinating stories and research that support his ideas., The author does a great job talking about the need and the power of creating effective checklists in our modern and byzantine world. His / her anecdotes that span various fields are interesting and offer a fresh perspective on a topic which comes off primarily as extremely simple, but the performance of which is yet to be realized by a majority of individuals. Inside spite of the huge leaps and bounds that technology has allowed us to make, failures during unpredictable times need urgent action. This is precisely during such times that our human being mind might conclusion up making life threatening myths, that could have been averted through efficient checklists., This is a good read which correlated to other subjects such as the Power of Habit and having Things Carried out in its philosophy of keystone habits and making lists to keep pointers of what has to be done. It also adds some design tips obtained from the aviation community in making better checklists., This book brings the art of productivity into very useful and practical understanding. I actually especially love the instruction on how to create your own checklist and the reminder to keep it simple. Important too, don't expect perfection. Constantly strive to improve on your forms. Applying already tested management to the medical field was amazing, but as Atul highlights, the form, function, and importance of checklists fit within all trades and business models.

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