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And so i feel like that teen girl who is sitting at her bedroom windows with her chin resting on her hands, sighing and swooning over at the next-door neighbor. I have been Lucas Thorn'd.

I have read all of Rachel Van Dyken's books and I feel like the girl characters are slowly taking little bits of my coronary heart with each new love. I have loved them all on one level or another. But Lucas and Avery took a huge chunk. Holy crap were they awesome.

I adored how Lucas and Avery circled one another. The chemistry and lust between them isn't very just simmering - creating extreme sexual chemistry Hell, no. They are cooking over and it's fascinating. I discovered myself devouring page after page - taken by way of a budding relationship.

Beyond being completely smitten by this duo, I may think I've ever chuckled so hard as I did while reading Cheater. Their particular storyline was over the top fun and entertaining. All the characters were charming as hell. It was just an incredible book.

In case you only if you buy one book this week it needs to be Cheater. Which is saying something because there are some pretty freaking amazing books being released this week., Cheater is the very first of its series written by Rachel Vehicle Dyken. The story is around a spitfire of a redhead named Avery Dark and a, for all intent and purposes, dirty, rotten cheater named Lucas Thorn. Lucas made a mistake 5 years in the past if he cheated on his fiance with her sister. Avery not only lost the girl best friend nevertheless the man that she loved and she was going to hate him forever for what he did.

Expensive forward to the present and Lucas Thorn (cause he insist on being called Lucas Thorn) is now a VP and a real “ladies man”, enjoying a different woman every day. Avery is now obtaining a job as a paid intern for the VP of a company. Guess who that VP is.

The storyplot goes forward with Lucas and Avery fighting a love/hate war. Their banter is witty and funny. I loved the scene where they go to dinner with Lucas’ parents. It truly is reminiscent of every family gathering that I have ever been too. Rachel did a great job (again) writing characters that are relatable and amusing. It had been a great tale and the only thing that could make it better would have recently been a visit from Granny Nadine.

I really enjoyed reading Cheater. It was a fun story and I am looking forwards to another installment to find out what happens with Thatch and Austin., Well crafted character types, great writing style, fascinating storyline and swoon-worthy occasions.

Sure, the title, the primary theme of the book set a certain disposition. You happen to be prepared to see an arrogant, heartless guy who undergoes women like coffee cups from his favorite Starbucks. But... I didn't buy it. Just picking up in the feelings, the way he handled women, didn't give myself a picture of a " cheater".
In addition to not to be difficult or anything, but those women did agree with the arrangement he offered. He or she didn't lie for them, did not hide the other connection. All parties were well aware of what was happening. And you see, that's not exactly cutting corners.
Doesn't imply Certainly with Lucas's ways, in case that's what experienced helped him to uninteresting the ache in his heart, than who am I to judge as a reader?
But his world is thrown upside down once Avery storms back into his life.
I like her. She's a little impulsive, and often her actions and feelings appear too much, slightly staged, but she's fun.
I'm a major sucker for a fairly easy banter between main characters - when the conversation moves and feels so realistic, I'm the happiest readers in the world.
There is so much chemistry between Avery and Lucas, i became adoringly obsessed with the couple almost immediately.
It's was a good and fast read for me, and I'm looking forward to discovering author's other titles.

***ARC was provided for an honest review***, Author Rachel Van Dyken has truly outdone herself with this book! Cheater was insanely amusing. I never thought I would laugh this hard around me but seriously, you just can't help it. Avery Black is hilarious with her antics and the girl comments. Lucas Thorne ay mother is he everything you could ever want in a male lead character, well all except that he's a " cheater". But he's not your typical cheater oh yea no, he takes it to a whole other level and though when you read this you will understand how and why he is the way he is. And his parents lol I'm still laughing at their behavior. I thought I had " that family" about this he and I can associate lol the whole book was emotionally charged and the ups and lows and the highs and lows it was a all around good time. There will be a moment or two when you want to slap the bejesus outta him but honestly, weight loss help but love your pet. " The Lucas Thorne effect" definitely worked on me! So now after having read this book which by the way differs from what I've read so far it's still all Rachel and no one writes an e book like the girl. Be prepared to be dazzled and enchanted as well as wet.... because you are probably gonna pee your pants from laughing very hard among other things. Get ready for the funnest book of 2017 because it's a riot and did I forget to mention VERY HOT?!!!!!!!!! Definitely a winner!, This specific book is a quick, entertaining and sexy read. Lucas is haunted by a mistake he made five years before and has convinced himself that he can be no better than a man that has a girl for daily of the 7 days. Avery desperately needs the girl new internship to work out after losing the girl previous job so that she doesn't have to move at home and live with her parents and older sisters. What the lady doesn't know is usually that the VP she'll be supporting is the man she's a new crush on forever, the same one who cheated in the fiancee the night of the rehearsal dinner.

With sweet moments, sassy quips, and steamy intercourse scenes, this story about the good girl reforming the bad boy is the perfect read.

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