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Somehow I started reading publication 2 before the first book, but that was okay considering that the author do a fantastic recap at the beginning of this book. The characters were likable and seemed genuine in their emotions; if this situation really do happen this is believable to me.
Also i wondered what occurred to the private detectives and why they didn't come into the history with some added information to help our hero Glenn understand what Maya was informing him.
The writing in this publication was just okay, although I did enjoy the history itself.
" No. I wasn't abducted by aliens. "
" It's like you rediscover rock bottom part over and over, time after time. And even when if you're given a... rope to climb back up? An individual ignore it. ", This specific author is a great author and her stories have many different thoughts appealing you to keep reading without wanting to stop until finished. This particular three books series entails a beautiful and erotic romance in a exciting and particular situation so that it is excellent. It is spectacular and I advise to read the three textbooks to be able so you can really enjoy this beautiful and erotic romance. You can't want to quit until finished, I guarantee., Not really your typical time travel story... highly recommend.. existed the story line... aren't wait for next publication. Kinda of frustrating with the cliff hangers... don't really care for them
., The second book in the series, and I'm hanging away for the next one, you actually will be still left hanging, but it a fantastic read. Maya handles to make her way back to days gone by, and find Glenn again (and while she was only stuck in our time a few weeks, 3 years have gone past in Glenn's time, so instead of being 1962 it's now 1965). Seeing the past (Glenn's time) has moved on by so much time, will it be feasible for Maya to convince Glenn she didn't just give up him? Glenn is struggling to move on (since the woman he loves disappeared), because he doesn't think this individual will ever see Maya again (and just when this individual has given up the girl appears in his life again). I loved this intriguing, emotional and complicated story of love divided across time, Maya is torn by circumstances outside her control, but the girl handles herself well (as can be expected), I actually really love Maya's personality (and Glenn too of course) and can't hold out for the next one in her story.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book., Wow, this course has just gotten even better. Maya wakes up back again in her own time and she's devastated. So the girl does some research to see what, if anything at all, she can find about Glenn and if anything at all in the past had changed, and sure enough, a lot had transformed. Now the question is, can she return to the 60s, back to her love? 5 weeks move in the present, but in the 60s, about three years have passed during the past when Maya does indeed make her way back again to Glenn.

But, will Glenn be happy to see her? As the girl soon finds out - no, Glenn won't be happy to see the lady who abandoned him 3 years ago and directed his life into a downward spiral. Thank God for Florence, though, because she comes to Maya's rescue, she and her new husband, Astor. They will take her in and give her comfort and refuge, letting her know the girl can stay with them as long as the girl wants. That is a good thing, too, because Maya is in the 60s and has no way of patient for herself there, their self and her new, unforeseen circumstances. She has no money, no Uncle Daniel to help her, no job, no Glenn, who is dating a new (really b*****) woman named Kimberly; she has nothing except Florence and Astor and Harrison.

Chasing Temptation seems like a giant step backwards in Glenn and Maya's story, but it isn't even really their relationship that moves along this installment. It's the political and social environment of the time that have been in the forefront. The Vietnam war, the reduction of soldiers, the battle for equality, all the unrest of that time is actually this installment is about. Maya and Glenn just happen to exist in that time. I'm not merely one usually for political and social issues in my romances, but it works really well here, and serves as a prompt as just how much this country has come (and how far it's going for a step back lately).

In addition to then the cliffhanger happens, leaving Maya and Glenn even more at chances. I really can't hold out for the conclusion to their story. Thank you, M. S. just for this regular, moving series!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this publication., Loved book 2 in the Glen Jackson tale. It starts with Internet back in her time period and mourning Glen. She desperately wants back again with him and the girl is intending to find out what occurred. Five weeks have now passed. But in days gone by, 3 years have long gone by. We come across Glen has gone into this terrible downward spiral since Internet has gone. We see Maya mourning and attempting to get back to her true love but without knowing how the girl got back to her present time, how will she return to her true love? She can't find any information on Glenn and that truly problems Maya for she worries that even though saving Florence, the girl might have doomed her true love.
At the same time, we see Glenn looking for Maya but since time moves on, he loses hope and then this individual visit a broken man who doesn’t know very well what to think. When Maya does go back to Glen’s time, can she ever get her like to come back again to her and will they ending up back again together or will they ending up completely further apart, completely ended once and for all? There are a whole lot of things that held me glued and strung up and this ends in an epic cliffhanger. I cannot wait for book 3.

My Rating: 4. eight stars *****
" I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Duplicate of this book in exchange for an honest review***

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