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I acquired this book as part of the KindleUnlimited program, but was planning on buying the hardcopy when it was released. Now i'm not planning on doing that after all.

First, this is a good book that could have recently been great! It's a book that includes a little information with a lot of behind the scene reports. It's about building champions, but really it's generally focused on Katrin Davidsdottir. What could have been a book with the same impact and longevity of " How to Succeed Friends and Influence People" it instead falls brief to a one and done read book.

We follow Ben's podcast and am a member of the Comptrain Masters program that Harry Palley & this individual have created. I believe this individual has a lot of really great insights there and however the majority of them never really allow it to be on the web pages of the book.

The Very good:
1. If you love behind the scene stories and insights from those on the competitive floor and you didn't follow the CrossFit Games or some kind of of CrossFit's " Behind the scenes" coverage then you might not know many of these reports. If you have, then there will be no new insights or reports..

2. The book is written in a user friend and non-academic way, which means you can draw some inspiration for the reports and small bits of encouragements.

3. There is a lot of chance for Ben to write a second book going into more detail with test training plans, worksheets, and mental training that this individual has Mat, Katrin and Cole (Sager) go through. Perhaps Ben will write a second book with these insights and details, but they're not there in this edition.

The particular Not So Good
one The name leads one to consider you'll find ways to " Chase Excellence" using specific details on " Commitment", " Grit", " Positivity", " Confidence", " Maximizing Minutes", " The particular Process" plus more. Unfortunately, as I mentioned above this guide is more about discussing the storyline of how Katrin went from sixth place to back-to-back champion, but without sharing the details of how she did. As alluded to at the conclusion is a line where Ben shares how Mat, Katrin and Cole explain to him not to " offer the playbook", but that's what the name and chapters alude to. We do not get much more than some general quotations and a whole whole lot of back story. This particular is a plus, if this is how the book is outlined and titled from the beginning, however the subtitle should be " The particular Behind the Scenes of Mat & Katrin's Fittest Man & Woman Titles" instead.

2. One ought not to expect a secret or strategy that's never recently been heard about before. It's true that some knowledge, humility and hard work are the secret to success. That said, there is nothing here that works on one to chase excellence that you can't comes from " The Obstacle is the Way", " Ego is the Enemy", " Mastery" or other books.

3. The book comes to an end very quickly with an epilogue when the Games are over, as if there was a publishing deadline. It would have been great to include some of the books, course, worksheet or other items here, if it's not going to be part of the chapters. More, a workbook of sorts would be fantastic to provide the same.

4. There is no " Reading List" or recommendations for other book that " Chasing Excellence" could use.

I love Ben Bergeron's programming and podcast insights. I think this book was your antithesis of the title and was not his best initiatives. The good news in publishing is that you can create a second edition including these items. Further, the book should be the catalyst for an online video training course for implementing these habits. Buy this if you would like to read again of Katrin generally and some of Mat trying to win the Games. Save your money and get " The Barrier is the Way" if you would like practical insights in residing many of the principles briefly discussed in " Chasing Excellence", If want some inspiration to be de best version of yourself this is the book you have to read. I follow Bergeron's training plan and possesses helped me a whole lot, not only for conditioning or bettering my fitness but also to get a organized training and this publication is the perfect mixture to his training program. Even if you are not into crossfit yo can apply the Bergeron's philosophy to any aspect of your life., The particular book was alright. very easy reading. Somewhat educational. wouldn’t recommend to people who do lot crossfit and/or not familiar with crossfit’s most elite athletes as the book mainly revolves around them., A good easy read, following the 2016 CrossFit Games. But the majority of the ideas at the rear of this book are already told by many other authors (Ryan Holiday as an example), therefore it feels a little " reused". Should say that Ben's podcasts are amazing and are far more deep and mind opening than this book., Being in business myself for 19yrs this is great information to motivate and define your life goals. I would highly recommend it to anyone to step up your game!, Love this book. If your an athlete good. If your not an athlete even better. It's about excellence in life., This was a nice read. We wouldn't say it was mind blowing but still an excellent read., This inspiring book went well over and above the making of the world's fittest man and woman. It was packed with practical insights and proven strategies for one to pursue excellence in anything. Go through the book and check out the " Chasing Excellence" podcast. Ben Bergeron is an exceptional leader whose influence extends well beyond fitness.

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