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If you're a fan of reliable comic anthologies. If you find yourself with a smile when you hearken back to home buying of comics from the metallic and bronze age... Laugh away today by purchasing this e-version of The Charlton Arrow #1. Super clear formatting and reproduction. Move works great but had not been needed on my Note 3 mobile phone to read and enjoy. A lot of fun from classic comic book skills who continue to find joy in making comics., The fine folks at Charlton Neo/Arrow brought myself back to comics...
After many years of reading comics I had developed gotten bored or burnt out on them... but then I discovered the Charlton Arrow Facebook web page and had a boost listening to advice from and talking to the people involved.
I read this first issue with hope and was not disappointed...
Everyone involved with this book infused it with all the fun, wonder, and excitement We remembered from reading comics when I and the world were just a little younger...
The guide wears its heart on its sleeve... and that is a great thing., This is the way comics SHOULD be, done with great love and respect continually arrived before. In these times of grim-dark anti-heroes, it can refreshing to see FUN comics. You don't see comic anthologies much anymore, which makes this book all the better. It's a smorgasbord of veteran and new talent, with tales hitting all the styles.
And to think, this all arrived about from a simple Facebook board., This is a great issue with good solid artwork and writing., Great first issue. I wasn't sure I'd like the format but it travels well., Great mag and service. Thanks, Once on a time, in drugstores and food stores far, far away, people was previously able to get these things called " comic books. " or " funny books" for you of the septegenarian and higher predilections. They were little excursions that appeared magically in rotating metal racks once a month every month, and featured the best adventures, humor, and pathos which a dime and two pennies, or two quarters as the economy progressed, could buy. There is a little bit of angst now and again, but usually you could get a truly great story every month in 32 four-color pages.

That time is, of course, long previous. What passes for comedian books now are either high art or lowest common denominator entertainment that is there only to be qualified for movies, toys and games and whatnot. Proper tales are pretty much a thing of the previous, and while the fine art is, at first look, far better, it's soulless. The particular Charlton Arrow brings heart and soul back to the equation.

For the n00bz (and you know who you are), Charlton Comics was a major comic guide company from the mid-forties to the mid-eighties. They will were never as popular as DC or Miracle, nonetheless they had more control, having their own stamping presses and some lucrative licensing contracts for TV and cartoon personalities. Scooby Doo, Emergency!, Hong Kong Phooey, Room 1999, David Cassidy and many others were published by Charlton. They experienced the Action Heroes, later revived by DC, in which Steve Ditko was given a relatively free reign to create Chief Atom, the Blue Beetle, and the Question. Their own mystery titles were second to none, with art by Ditko, Wayne Howard, Pat Boyette, and many, many others.

The Charlton Arrow #1 tries to recapture that feeling of those halcyon days and does so rather very well. The opening story is an homage to those Action Heroes, written by John (" I Killed Archie" ) Kupperberg. Roger McKenzie and Sandy Carruthers' take on Spookman, a Charlton character who appeared once, is probably the highlight of the book. There is even a proper text history available! How long as it been since you've seen an obligatory text page (for US Write-up Office rules) in a comic book? Romance comics biker Jonnie Love shows up, and John Byrne's Doomsday+1 cast gets a pin-up. Yeah, *that* John Byrne. " The Hosts of Horror" story by Lou Mougin and Mort Todd is funny and wacky and will have you wracking your brain to bear in mind where you saw some of the people creepy characters before. There is even a feature on the Charlton western comics which were based on movie and TV stars. Elaborate not to really like about this book?

If you are a comic book enthusiast, I mean a real, honest-to-Infantino, fingers grey from newsprint, four-color comic guide fan, than this is an e book you do NOT want to miss! Highly recommended!, For those of us who grew upwards (or at the very least " got bigger" ) through the '60s & '70s), and remember reading " funnybooks" that one is for you. At that time, comics were coming into their own as a legitimate form of put culture entertainment, and there were more companies than simply Marvel and DC. Charlton was one such company. Their books were nice, rather than quite as popular since the Big Two. Nevertheless a lot of the creators who twisted up at those bigger companies started out at Charlton.

The Charlton Gazelle is a fan-and-pro-generated comicbook that pays tribute to those long-lost bygone days by resurrecting Charlton characters. They will say you can't go home, but oh my Droogs, this is the comedian that you buy to re-experience those idyllic times of our ill-spent youngsters reading funnybooks that interested us.

In just a short calendar year, Charlton Gazelle has become the beloved of the industry, recapturing much of what has recently been lost in comics over the past few many years. Spawned with a fan-generated Facebook Page, Charlton Arrow is already attracting top skill and has spawned at least two spin-offs which will be launched in 2015. If you love comics, then you will truly want to see this delightful comicbook series.

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