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Cliffhanger ending. Nothing resolved. The buy the next book installment.

The heroine of the novel lives in a world where every named male (and a few unnamed) who isn't in the service industry is attracted to the woman, related to her, homosexual, or any mixture of the above. All women hates the woman because all the men are attracted to the woman, or is related to her/one of the men in some way.

Presently there is a magical mystical fated attraction, and once our heroine questions it, the lady is told not to worry, the male leads would be stalking the woman even if fate had not been involved. When she questions these men, the magic, the situation.. she is informed that she can't be told and just to trust that she can't be told. Oh, right.. alright. We are finally given a reason in the last 10% of the book, but she was fine up until that time. Have a stalker? Kill some guy? Have to move? Assume a fresh identity? Acquire a new name? No one will tell you what is going on? Not a problem.

Our heroine has not one but two of the most rare magical powers. She gets not one magical fated partner, but four. She is stunningly beautiful. She is brave and intelligent (? ). She gets an amazing talent for art. The girl has musical talents the lady didn't know she got. He male leads will be the most popular kids and men. The bad man wants her out of jealousy. Everyone has to tell her she actually is amazing, pretty, a miracle as apparently all of the above wasn't a clue.

In the end, we still don't know exactly why she still aren't be told anything. All of us don't know why our girl has to cover her fate from the woman own people. We avoid know why the best choice of the people is a danger to her. We avoid know what these folks even do. We don't know who the stalker is, and this individual certainly hasn't been halted. We don't know how these magic powers can be taken.

What do we know? Our heroine is hot, and the four most attractive men around want her and only her, no worries!, The hard, cruel life...
Spent surviving and protecting...
Forming and forging a relationship with certain someones...
Learning who you are and what you are...

Seraph has led a hard, cruel and abusive life along ready brother. The heart breaks for them. A protector for her brother, always shielding him. I admire that but my heart breaks so that the lady had to endure all these years.

Overall, an absolutely fantastic tale of threat, desires, fear and attraction.

Packed with abuse, Zevgheri, secrets, mystery, suspense, stalkers, attraction and a hint of romance.

Perfect for readers of urban fantasy romance/thrillers., I wasn't so sure of this book when I started it, but by the end, I had to buy the rest of the series. I am not leaving the right style of review due to time constraint at the second, but I didn't want to forget to at least leave a few words.

Supernatural talents combined with heroine of the ages., I'm now reading this article book for the next time (I've re-read whenever a fresh book comes out there, so I'm working my way back up through for the first book). This book is wonderfully written, so full of prominent emotions, well developed figures, and a genuinely unique and interesting plot. There is so much tension in the relationships, this really compelling pull and repulsion that is just painfully lovely. This is among my gold standard for what a reverse harem book should be., Great learn to an awesome series! It captivates you in from the start. Seraph has experienced so much in her young life, but she doesn't play sufferer or make use of it as an excuse. she is a survivor. She is strong in mind and spirit and I truely enjoyed reading and seeing her increase even more throughout the books., Kept me fascinated and intrigued throughout the whole book. I am asking yourself how the double set thing will workout and to be honest she got such a crappy years as a child i honestly hoped Miro would become father like not just a lover. I love Cabe and Noah and enjoy reading of their active relationship with Seraph., I think I will five star anything Jane creates. She's so awesome--THE CALIFORNIA KING OF REVERSE HAREN BOOKS!!, From the first part I sank to the story. Felt I was sketched into Seraphs life. The girl drawings are so described i could see I them. Could not put it down.

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